4 Blockchain Stocks to Invest in October 2021

4 Blockchain Stocks to Invest in October 2021
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Cryptocurrencies have made such an impact that if we hear the term 'Blockchain', we probably think about Bitcoin. But, you must know that Blockchain is much bigger than Bitcoin or, rather, cryptocurrencies. 

Blockchain technology is a way to store information in digital records, which are more secure and hence, has found its applications in supply chain management, banking and health care. The technology is expanding, so, as an investor, it becomes really important for you to consider these blockchain stocks to invest in.

But, there are several companies that incorporate blockchain technology into their operations or provide exposure to the crypto industry. So, I am listing the top 5 companies you can definitely consider investing in this month if you haven't done it yet.

Visa Inc.

Visa was one of the first credit companies to realize the potential of blockchain technology. The company has become a strategic partner in Blockchain Capital and launched a partnership program called Fintech fast Track program to provide the startups with the resources to scale their businesses securely.

The company has committed to being one of the major players in the blockchain industry. Its move to connecting the debit and credit accounts to the crypto wallet is another reason to consider that the company's stocks are an excellent option to invest in this month.


Mastercard, the second-largest payment network, has grown considerably in few years because of the increasing trend of cashless payment. When it comes to cross-border money transfers, blockchain technology has a crucial role because it can potentially transform it.

So, the partnership of Mastercard with blockchain technology for developing a new payment system for cross-border transactions and its Start Path global startup to support fast-growing digital assets will give the company a competitive advantage. Hence, it can be an incredible option for you to invest in its stocks. Currently, the stocks are priced at 353.46 USD, according to NYSE.

IBM (International Business Machines Corp)

In 2017, IBM established IBM Blockchain to build blockchain services, and it offers to consult to companies for integrating blockchain technology in businesses. The company has recognized that Blockchain technology can potentially transform businesses, and its stocks will be in high demand in the near future.


Amazon is indeed the world's largest e-commerce platform, but Amazon also operates Amazon Web Services. AWS is the leading cloud infrastructure allowing users to create and manage their blockchain networks. There is a lot more potential in Blockchain and can potentially contribute majorly to Amazon's revenue shortly. So, it seems the correct timing to invest in its stocks.