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A Fortune stroke of Serendipity

In 2009, In Norway, Kristoffer Koch was writing his master thesis on encryption technology at his University. While exploring the most recent uses cases of encryption, he went over the obscure virtual money called Bitcoin. In order to know more about Bitcoin, he chose to spend around $26, which permitted him to buy more than 5,000 Bitcoins at that point of time. 

After this event, he proceeded onward with his life and totally forgot about it. Just when media began discussing Bitcoin regularly around 2013, he remembered about his investment. After spending a whole day scanning for the right password to his scrambled Bitcoin wallet, Kristoffer struck gold and immediately traded one-fifth of his speculation for $886,000. 

He utilized the cash to get himself a luxurious home in Oslo, Norway. Kristoffer still has 4,000 coins quietly hanging tight for the right chance of time.