A trade with a traitor

A trade with a traitor
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In 2011, Simon utilized the TOR network to discover those obscure online commercial centers that offered a wide range of illicit things including weapons, drugs, fake reports, and so on. 

As a young person, Simon concluded that getting a new passport for a specific European nation would be a perfect activity to indulge in. The sticker price was 10,000 BTC. On the off chance that he tossed in an extra 6,000 BTC, the merchant vowed to get Simon a press ID from a reputed magazine, as well. He was unable to stand up to. 

Simon moved his assets to a crypto-trade platform at the same time. When it was time for the dealer to deliver, he vanished. 'Possibly he got captured?' Simon pondered to himself. He was confounded; however, he still had his cash securely concealed in the trade account since the dealer had gone. Life went on.  

After two years, newspapers reported the capture of a Russian man blamed for illegal tax avoidance. The name of the laundering service he had controlled was Liberty Finance, which Simon perceived as the crypto-trade platform he had used to keep his 20,000 BTC. 

Considering the outrage, the FBI seized all cash related to Liberty finance. Simon made peace with the fact that he can never get the assets back. In case, if Liberty Finance hadn't been a tax evasion scam, Simon would have procured some $400 million by this time.