Adobe Will Fight NFT Art Theft with Content Credentials.

Adobe Will Fight NFT Art Theft with Content Credentials.
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Recently, Adobe partnered with OpenSea, Rarible, SuperRare and KnownOrigin for displaying the content credentials.

NFTs or Non-fungible tokens are unique digital assets, including drawings, songs, GIFs, paintings, video clips whose ownership can be bought or sold using blockchain. When people think of creating a graphic design, the most common name that comes to mind is Adobe. Using Adobe, users can create potentially create NFTs.

Sometimes, what happens is that NFT artwork is duplicated, or in other words, there are the chances of artists' identity theft. There occurred many cases where people minted the art that they didn't create on the blockchain. There is potentially nothing on the blockchain that can stop that theft.

To help prove that the person selling the NFT is the actual owner, Adobe is launching a system of Content Credentials where the NFT sellers can link their crypto wallet with the Adobe ID. Now, it will allow the NFT marketplace to show the verified certificate that will prove that the source of that particular art is authentic.

Adobe Photoshop to get a ‘prepare as NFT’ option

By the end of the month, Adobe Photoshop will get an option of "prepare as NFT", where the functionality of content credentials will be built. The attribution data created by the Content Credentials will live on an InterPlanetary File System, which is a decentralized method to host files.

The company is also launching the system as a beta where the users can show the edits made to any file in Adobe Photoshop and can also tag their stock image on the system.

Adobe is partnering with NFT marketplaces.

To display the credentials, Adobe is partnering with the NFT marketplaces, including OpenSea, SuperRare, KnownOrigin and Rarible.

These partnerships are responsible for helping the potential buyers to see whether the minter and the creator of an NFT same. OpenSea itself confirmed that it would be displaying Adobe's content credentials on the platform.

What if you could connect your wallet address to your @Adobe account to verify that you created a piece of art and then have that creator info displayed on OpenSea?

Would be cool, right?

Well, we partnered with Adobe to make it happen.

~Twitter (@opensea)

The buyers can verify the credentials using a tool from Content Authenticity Initiative launched by Adobe.

Closing thoughts

Adobe's this step will essentially provide the marketplace with the information regarding the actual creator of a Non-fungible token. This option will help the creators in linking their social media information to the image, which will further guarantee the consumers that the particular person is the only creator of that content. With the Content Credentials of Adobe, the transparency among the NFT collectors and buyers will undoubtedly increase.