Blockchain Gaming Is the Need of the Hour.

Blockchain Gaming Is the Need of the Hour.
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Video gaming is something for which everybody is quite fond of, either young or older people. According to the studies, there are around 3.24 billion gamers worldwide. Even in the year 2020, when many industries were shut down due to the Covid pandemic, the gaming industry was experiencing a never experienced boom.

Blockchain is such a technology that has literally touched every aspect of our lives, and gaming is also not left behind. Remarkably, online video gaming has become very susceptible to innovation. Blockchain games or crypto games are video games that actually run on a cryptocurrency network. Crypto games include the distributed ledger architecture that provides the gamers ownership of the virtual products present in the games.

The reason for which crypto gaming is becoming popular is that they reward the players for their effort and time. So, along with playing their favourite games, players can earn rewards on it. Also, it allows gamers to trade the collected digital assets anywhere in the world. 

How does blockchain gaming allow you to earn money?

Everyone here must be familiar with the in-game coins. When you play a game, you often get some points or coins when you win that game. With any of the games you play, the points or coins remain in the game itself, and they do not hold any value outside the game.

On blockchain gaming, the players own some items in the games, such as crypto coins or NFTs. But, the good thing is that these game items are entirely transferable, and the person can transfer them outside the game as well. So, the game products can be easily exchanged for cryptocurrencies and then can be converted to real money.

These blockchain games add value to the gaming industry and allow people to earn real money while playing different games.

Blockchain gaming is just about money.

Well, you must be thinking that we have only discussed the good things about blockchain gaming so far. So, how can we say that it is not what a gamer needs? 

It is good that you can earn some real money while playing. But, what is wrong here is that blockchain gaming has disrupted the meaning of real gaming here. Imagine playing for just some money. What will be the difference between a gamer and a trader if the gaming is also intended to earn only money.  I am not saying that it is terrible to earn with your hobbies, but in my pure opinion, playing just to earn isn't actually fun.

I am saying this because these games are actually not worth your time if you love gaming. Blockchain games are sort of boring and repetitive. If you look at any popular blockchain game, you will find that their only way to sell you the game is by asking you to earn money while playing it. I mean that the developers are not focusing on a great user experience in blockchain games.

Most players are just speculating on the virtual land on blockchain games and aren't really interested in playing. Another thing is that the users are required to pay the gas fees, and that fee is pretty high for an average player.

Closing thoughts

Blockchain gaming is quite a new concept for the players and is indeed trying to help users earn some money while playing games. So, if a person likes to spend most of their time on games, it is an excellent opportunity to earn some money. But, blockchain gaming is still far away from widespread adoption because it really lacks some excellent user experience. 

Indeed the potential of blockchain cannot be neglected. With time, developers might be more focused on building some excellent blockchain games, but what is important here is that let's not just play to earn rewards; let's have a great gaming experience as well.