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Burying crypto at the mount Everest is crazy!!

When something as convincing as digital currency is ready to take action, the promotion part can get wild. One such event happened when ASKfm, a famous web based social media platform, chose to promote its new cryptocurrency launch. The idea was to bury some of the coins at the Mount Everest peak.

With expectations of gathering attention towards their Initial Coin Offering (ICO), four crypto-aficionados joined a group of Sherpas on an excursion to leave a nano-ledger with $50,000 worth of ASKT in the form of ASKfm's coin, at the top of Mount Everest. Everybody made it to the highest point and the process of burying the coin was also successfully done. 

However, during their return, it was uncovered that one of the Sherpas was left behind, and is currently assumed dead. Despite the sad demise, ASKfm told that the promotion stunt was socially accepted.