Buy Ripple. Bitcoin may be the Digital Gold, But Ripple is the future.

Buy Ripple. Bitcoin may be the Digital Gold, But Ripple is the future.
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Cryptocurrencies are now entering into the pockets of institutional investors & hedge funds. This means that they're going to be here forever. So how can a nominal investor be benefitted from this ? Or again the financial monarchy will prevail over the globe.

So if you're an investor who cannot pull up big funds, but want to add a robust cryptocurrency to your investment portfolio for longer run ?

Then, you can buy this asset, The Ripple ('XRP'). We would like to call this asset as 'Real World Crypto' as this project is backed by a solid corporate experience and tapped into almost 30% of the banking networks across the globe. In the last 7 days, Ripple has outperformed Bitcoin, Ethereum, and almost all other cryptocurrency assets over a wider margin.

Why Ripple ?

Ripple offer the fastest institutional banking transaction speeds. The advantage of this network is that it is public as well as private. It provides way for institutional to have the governance and also allows user to have the freedom. The cryptocurrency comes with the lowest gas fees (transactional costs) on the blockchain world. With almost 1500 transactions per second, Ripple can be the best alternative for banks that were built on the oracle architecture.

Ripple has already covered big names in banking and these names includes PNC, American Express, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Money gram, Axis Bank, CIMB bank. Hence the future for ripple is far healthier than Bitcoin and other digital securities.

Ripple can be the best alternative for an open world where anyone can transfer funds to anyone but without disrupting the traditional banking infrastructure. But bitcoin, lacks the interoperability with traditional banking infrastructure. Also bitcoin is being treated as an tradeable asset whereas Ripple can be considered as an asset of intrinsic value that can revolutionise the way how payments work.

Disclaimer : The article is the views of the article is not linked / promoted / paid by anyone . It is not an advice to invest in cryptocurrencies or any digital assets. Please check your personal financial advisor and legal advisor before dealing with such assets. Cryptocurrency investments are subjected to high market risks and are volatile.