Council of Apes: A Decentralized Meme Token Built for Non-fungible Tokens

Council of Apes: A Decentralized Meme Token Built for Non-fungible Tokens
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Created by an international team of developers, the Council of Apes is an ecosystem for Metaverse and Non-fungible tokens.

COAPE is a decentralized meme token and a Decentralized Finance ecosystem that aims to make decentralized communities more fair, transparent and open in their applications in DeFi and NFTs. It offers around 7776 unique Non-fungible tokens, including Baboons, Orangutans and Gorillas. 

The presale of $COAPE is live.

Council of Apes offer $COAPE as the meme token with a total supply of 1 Billion, and around 15% of the total supply is allocated for presale. Out of 1 Billion of $COAPE supply, 2.5% of tokens are allocated for the team of Council of Apes.

Note that Pre-sale for $COAPE token has already started, and you can join the presale from here Also, you’ll have the chance to get a bonus of around 2 to 6% upon early participation in the presale round. You can easily purchase $COAPE with either ETH or BNB at Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Network.

The price of the $COAPE token isn’t decided yet and is listed on coinmarketcap as untracked one The opening market cap for the presale period is nearly $10 million, and everyone will get the tokens divided by the total of BNB and ETH collected at the end of the presale period. Note that the $COAPE tokens will be credited to the users' accounts once the presale is over.

COAPE will provide a network for DApps and NFTs.

Non-fungible tokens are grown very quickly for a few months. Many of the major players have entered the space. Continuing the trend, the Council of Apes will also provide a network for Non-fungible tokens and decentralized applications. 

Council of Apes will soon be launching its NFT collection.

The smart contract of COAPE is open source and audited by TechRate to ensure that it functions as intended and no potential security issues were found with the smart contract during the audit.

Closing thoughts

Non-fungible tokens have been in the headline for around a year, and many major players in the market have adopted them to their networks, including Binance, Coinbase and Gemini. With the Council of Apes, the NFT market will get more growth opportunities. Many people believe that NFTs have an excellent future, and many think otherwise. But the growth and craze of NFTs cannot really be neglected.