Digital advertisement becomes more manageable with the use of Blockchain Technology

Digital advertisement
becomes more manageable with the use of Blockchain Technology
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In the current scenario, digital advertisement has become crucial for businesses, making it more cost-effective and productive. It becomes even necessary when we have entered the digital era because it provides many innovative solutions as well. It helps the businesses to reach wider audiences and yields a greater return on investment.

What blockchain has to do with digital advertisement?

Blockchain technology indeed has the potential to change the entire digital advertising industry. Let me explain how. The use of blockchain can drastically cut the costs for digital advertisement. Being decentralized, blockchain doesn't need any middle person to facilitate the payments, which in turn reduces the cost. Secondly, blockchain technology will keep its customer secure along with providing rewards. You must be aware of the fact that you are constantly being tracked when you visit any website, and then the businesses use that information to sell you their products accordingly. Now, blockchain technology aims to compensate the customers for securely providing their information to the company.

Coming to the next part of the discussion, i.e., how you can make use of blockchain technology. The Basic Attention Token (BAT) can indeed help you for that purpose. As it says, the token is capable of solving the privacy violations and the inefficiencies of the digital advertising industry.

BAT is the token to power the digital advertisement via blockchain technology. It rewards the users along with providing them a better return on their spending. The current market price of BAT is $0.753, and it has decreased by almost 2.84% over 24-hours. The maximum supply of BAT coins can be 1.5 billion, out of which nearly 1,496,514,870 tokens are already in circulation.

The users are able to watch the privacy-preserving advertisements, and they get a Basic Attention Token in return. In the process, the advertiser maximizes the engagement. In simpler words, BAT is exchanged between the users, publishers, and advertisers. Here, the users earn the token for paying attention, creators got paid the BAT for making excellent content, and the advertisers gain a good return for their advertisement. All in all, it benefits everyone in the process.

Basic attention token indeed improves the way of advertising in the digital world. Blockchain technology is definitely a blessing for businesses, becoming more mainstream in the near future.