Discord Has a Very Crucial Role in Promoting Blockchain.

Discord Has a Very Crucial Role in Promoting Blockchain.
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Launched in 2015, Discord was designed for the gaming community so that they can interact through texts and audio. Note that Discord is a voice and chat app that is becoming a lot popular with every passing day. 

Keeping in view its unique features, Discord has found its way into the crypto and blockchain space. One good thing about Discord is that the people there are more knowledgeable in the technical aspects of Blockchain, which makes the platform more efficient compared to the other such platforms.

Discord can help promote the Blockchain.

No doubt that Discord's initial focus is the gaming industry. But, with time, it has found a significant role in other sectors, including entertainment, politics, cryptocurrency and many more. Let's try to understand that how Discord is helpful in promoting cryptocurrency and Blockchain:

Discord can actively help in targeting the relevant audiences, which means that you will be exposed to the developers of the crypto space. Developers often prefer Discord over other blockchain communities because of its simple User Experience and feedback process.

Talking about the feedback process, as a blockchain developer, you can get direct feedback for your projects on the Discord platform. In fact, you can also obtain some valuable suggestions from experienced developers. So, Discord indeed is an excellent platform to provide exposure to your crypto projects.

Discord has an excellent, trusted environment composed of tech-savvy audiences. So, it can help to emerge a blockchain project because you will get connected to the developer community in the crypto space.

You can use Discord for NFT servers.

These days, every crypto project often encourages you to join Discord servers if you're new to their platform. If you aren't well acquainted with Discord, here is a brief guide that can help you join the NFT and crypto servers:

  • Create your account- The first step indeed is to create an account on Discord if you haven't any account yet. Keep in mind your account ID because it will later help you to join the desired NFT servers.
  • Join the NFT server- Now, whenever you come across any NFT project you want to have more information about, you can head directly to their discord icon on their website. Note that you'll be instantly redirected to their server if you have already logged in to your account.

If you are an NFT enthusiast, then joining NFT server on Discord would be a lot beneficial for you. Every server has its unique attribute. Let me introduce you to a few servers that you can join if you are new to the Community.

  • Crypto Baristas- Being the world's first NFT funded café, Crypto Baristas can help you with the innovative project with real-world utility. Here is the link to join Crypto Baristas Discord server https://discord.com/invite/DKnyPbxTEK
  • NFT- NFT Discord is an excellent place to start if you are new to the space. It has a feature that helps you submit your project to get mentioned on their Instagram. Here is the link to join the NFT Discord server https://discord.com/invite/hXpEjsAZQH.
  • Rarible- Rarible is the place that can offer you significant projects routinely. Indeed it is the second-best NFT marketplace. Here is the link to join the Rarible Discord server https://discord.com/invite/cdaFbV5.