Disney Moves Towards Metaverse to Provide Immersive Experience

Disney Moves Towards Metaverse to Provide Immersive Experience
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Disney has shown its interest in metaverse and blockchain technology by filing for a US Patent to Create a 'Virtual-World Simulator'. The patent has been approved by the United States Patent Office, signifying a metaverse move in Disney theme parks. The technology will include a tracking system and a projection device for Disney to display virtual effects. A computing platform will communicate with the tracking system and the projection device to map the venue and identify the virtual effects.

In the last week of December, Disney got approved for a "virtual-world simulator" patent, which will allow Disney to project virtual effects and 3D images onto physical spaces. Disney will cater the whole new experience of visiting theme parks virtually to each individual. The technology will provide Disney theme parks with a headset-free augmented reality (AR) environment. It will track their visitor's phones and generate 3D effects onto their physical spaces, such as objects and walls around the visitors.

How does it work?

The patent filed by Disney explains that the virtual world simulator contains a computing protocol including a hardware processor and memory that stores the software code. It tracks the users through a handheld device (phones) or a computer to execute its actions to create a virtual reality around the visitors.

What is virtual reality (VR)?

Virtual reality uses technology to simulate an environment that can be explored in 360 degrees providing users with a real-world experience. Unlike traditional platforms, VR places the users inside a virtual environment to provide an immersive experience. A VR headset is used to experience the virtual world, which removes the vision of the real world and provides the depth of sight in the virtual world.

This technology aligns with Disney's aim to tell stories in 3D form. The company will continue to build its presence in the metaverse in 2022. Meanwhile, a virtual reality-based lounge called Meta Terrace opened in Central Park Towers, Dubai.