Dive deeper into the Mining with the world’s leading Mining Pool

Dive deeper into the Mining
with the world’s leading Mining Pool
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The miners will always remain an integral part of the crypto market because it is their competition which verifies the transactions. Let's briefly understand the role of miners first. In simple words, the miners compete with each other to solve the mathematical problem and, as a result, form the new block. Now, the new block is filled with a new transaction. To win the competition, a miner indeed needs the more significant computing resources. It also removes the need for a central authority to verify the transaction, making the process decentralized.

Meanwhile, we cannot neglect the competition between the mining pools. There are several mining pools for Bitcoin mining, including F2pool, Poolin, Antpool, Slush pool, Nova, Binance, Ukrpool, Viabtc, Huobi, etc. More numbers of mining pools is definitely an advantage for the miner. Want to know how? Well, when the number of mining pools is less, it poses a risk that only one pool can gain the controlling share of the hashrate, which in turn can disrupt the network. This competition is increasing since the year 2019, which indeed indicates that a single pool will not dominate the market.

Which 3 qualities should you look for in a mining pool?

With the increase in the number of mining pools, it becomes even more essential to choose your pool wisely. Choosing the right pool can surely maximize your earning.

·  The very first thing to consider is the pool's reputation in the market because you definitely don't want to fool yourself with the scammers.

·  Second, you need to understand their working method because it can help you in the balanced flow of hash data.

·  The mining pool must be secure enough and should not be vulnerable to hacking.

Now, our discussion comes to the world's largest mining pool, i.e., Antpool, and it is pretty evident by the fact that Antpool mines more than 11% of all blocks. Notably, the pool is operated by a firm based in China, i.e., Bitmain. It aims to provide the peer-to-peer mining protocol across the world, establishing a reliable and faster connection. Another exciting thing is that your earning becomes quite transparent with the use of Antpool. Additionally, it provides a way for convenient management where you can register with the mailbox to have an account.

Launched in 2014, Antpool offers open access to the miners and supports many cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Start mining with Antpool in just three steps:

·  To set up your account, you are first required to log in to the official website of Antpool after entering your login credentials.

·  You can make the sub-account by entering the miners' name prefix (UserID).

·  After authenticating the input ID, you can set up the miner addresses and the mining pool. Notably, you can set up three mining pools on one mining machine.

Disclaimer: There are indeed more mining pools than mentioned in it. This article aims to elaborate on 'Antpool’ and not all the pools.