Dogecoin is urging McDonald's to accept DOGE for payments

Dogecoin is urging McDonald's to accept DOGE for payments
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As we all are aware, dogecoin is making its firm place as a mode of payment and is being used by a good number of merchants already. 

Dogecoin as a new mode of payment

In the year 2018, McDonald’s introduced McCoin due to which it was assumed that this fast-food restaurant chain has taken a step ahead in the ocean of crypto. But after that, it was said that it was just a scheme kind of coupon which can b used to get a free burger. Bitcoin was accepted by McDonald’s in El Salvador after it was introduced as a form of cryptocurrency. Apart from only El Salvador, there are many other national and multinational companies out there, already accepting Bitcoins for businesses. But McDonald’s has never been in the news for accepting cryptocurrency or blockchain technology. Even in November, as McRib was 40 years old, this fast-food restaurant chain introduced a unique token to celebrate its anniversary.

The news started pouring when Bill Markus, the creator of the meme coin was given a response by Chicago headquarters with a picture of a French fries and a dog holing it in its mouth.

Will McDonald’s accept Dogecoin after Tesla?

McDonald’s has been in the news for its keep on changing attitude when it comes to experiencing their payment modes. Dogecoin is getting more support to be accepted by McDonald’s as it has been already approved by Tesla, Elon Musk, and Mark Cuban. Bigger investors are seeking interest in adopting meme coins as they have already been accepted by a giant number of people. On the other hand, McDonald’s may start accepting centralized digital currency called Central Bank-Issued Currency (CBDC). But do not state any confirmed news about the same. Also, the restaurant is not firm about its decision on introducing dogecoin as a mode of payment after the stronger campaign on Twitter.

Dogecoin can become the better option over Bitcoin due to its unlimited supply. On the other hand, Bitcoin has the limitation of minting of 21 million coins, so it is not practically possible to distribute more coins than stated. After all, it is going to be big news whether McDonald’s accepts Dogecoin as its new payment experience for its users or not. After Bitcoin, It’s a ray of hope again that this huge chain of restaurant will jump into the world of cryptocurrency.