Dogelon to Dive into the NFT and DeFi Ecosystems

Dogelon to Dive into the NFT and DeFi Ecosystems
Image Source: Twitter (DogelonMars)
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Since the start of this year, meme coins have been rising rapidly. Essentially, these coins have become a source to gain wealth for the small investors with a relatively smaller amount of money. Continuing the trend, here comes the next meme coin, i.e., Dogelon Mars.

Dogelon (pronounced as Dog-a-lon) is a blending of Dogecoin and Elon Musk, or more accurately, we can say that it is a 'fork of Dogecoin’. 

Talking about the goal of the coin, it seems that the goal revolves around reaching Mars. Interestingly, the Dogelon community will send the tokens to the victims of scams in the crypto space with the aim to make their trading life better.

Dogelon Mars (ELON) is growing.

You must be aware of the fact the 50% of the circulating supply of ELON is sent to Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum’s co-founder and the rest 50% is locked on Uniswap with Ethereum. Note that, to buy ELON, you are required to swap Ethereum with ELON on Uniswap.

The current market price of the ELON token is $0.0000005124, and it has increased by almost 2% over 24-hours.

Image depicting the 7-day graph for ELON, source: coinmarketcap

You can buy ELON token in 7 easy steps: 

The vital thing to note here is that you can only purchase ELON with Ethereum.

  • The foremost step is to create a wallet on the Trust wallet.
  • The second step is to copy your Ethereum address to your Trust wallet. You’ll be required to send ETH to this address in the later process.
  • Then you are required to purchase ETH. You can do that from exchanges like Binance, Wyre, Moonpay or Simplex. You might consider buying ETH from Binance because of its low spot trading fee.
  • In the next step, you are required to transfer the ETH from this crypto exchange to the Trust wallet.
  • Next, you need to copy the contract address of Dogelon Mars because this address is to be imported to Trust wallet and Uniswap. Note that you can visit its official website for the address.
  • In this step, you are required to add the copied contract address to the Trust wallet and enable the Dapp browser on the wallet.
  • Then, you need to swap ETH for ELON on Uniswap.

Dogelon will dive into the DeFi ecosystem in the coming weeks with xELON

The network is soon to release the xELON token that is going to mark the beginning of its DeFi journey. The holders of ELON can stake ELON and receive xELON. Note that xELON tokens will offer the holders to participate in different components of the ecosystem during its expansion.

Although not much of the details are released yet, xELON will be the interplanetary currency with the ecosystem of Dogelon Mars.

Also, Dogelon Mars NFTs collections are going to unveil with the release of xELON. In the coming weeks, much more characters will join Dogelon Mars on its journey.