Dvision Network Has Announced the First LAND Sale in Collaboration With Binance

Dvision Network Has Announced the First LAND Sale in Collaboration With Binance
Image Source: Twitter (@Dvision_network)
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Dvision network has recently announced that it will sell the LAND for its digital estate, utilised in the Dvision Metaverse. The Dvision will conduct the sale in collaboration with Binance NFT, Dvision marketplace and NFTb, on Binance Smart Chain-based LAND sales. Users can participate in the sale through all the three mentioned platforms, starting from 24th November. 

The Dvision will be offering 1,452 NFT Mystery Boxes for Binance users through Binance NFT. A mystery box contains a rare random valuable item. In this case, it includes a LAND NFT from the total LAND collection of Dvision. Users will be able to buy a mystery box at a specific price, and they can open it anytime Or sell it for a profit without opening the mystery box. 

What is Dvision Network? 

The Dvision network is a blockchain-based NFT metaverse platform. It establishes a cutting-edge metaverse ecosystem by using its Virtual reality technology. Dvision network lowers the entry barriers for all types of users from all over the world. It invites business organisations, designers and general users to dive into the most advanced metaverse experience. Dvision world leads to Meta-Cities, which has various Meta-Spaces(LAND) owned by users. 

The current Dvision world has been planned to bring together all the different Meta-Cities. They are planning to open 20 Meta-Cities, owned by users through the LAND ownership system. Owners can transfer the LAND ownership through LAND sales. New York and Seoul will be the first 2 Meta-Cities being offered through the partnership of Binance NFT, NFTb and Dvision marketplace. 

What is LAND? 

LAND Or Meta-Space is a unit of every Meta-City; it is a place where users can acquire and customise their Meta-Space. Users can offer digital content within their virtual estate. The LAND is a piece of a virtual estate in Dvision Metaverse registered as NFT. LAND will be distributed equally among 20 different Meta-Cities with a fixed supply of 200,000 parcels, of which 40% will be put into the sale, 20% of the LAND is reserved for the Dvision team, and Dvison will give the remaining 40% to Play to earn features in the metaverse. 

Each Meta-City is divided into three territories (User Owned/ Management Owned/ Infected Area)world; the Infected areas are filled with monsters. 

Hence, Dvision world is going to start by connecting New York and Seoul to the digital world. The LAND in the Dvision Marketplace can be purchased by DVI tokens, which are basic tokens on the Dvision marketplace. 

Dvision marketplace: Specified price = Specified LAND Lot

Binance NFT: Random Mystery Box = 7 Different LAND Lots (Random Drop) 

NFTb: Participate in INO = Access to the specific LAND Box

Binance NFT will offer around 1,452 Mystery Boxes containing approximately seven different LAND Lots, whereas NFTb will offer 1,495 LAND Boxes available during INO (initial NFT offering) on its platform. The Dvision will provide LAND Lots to the individuals with their specified location on the map, without any randomisation features.