Ekta Token Rallies Within a Week of its Blockchain Launch

Ekta Token Rallies Within a Week of its Blockchain Launch
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Multibagger returns from a new crypto token have become a trend now. Ekta token has delivered a mammoth return of 2,900,000,000% within a week of its blockchain launch. Ekta has produced a return of 2,893,266,376 per cent within the last seven days; the token value has surged from $0.00000001396 to $0.4039, according to Coinmarketcap.com. If a person invested Rs 1,000 in Ekta token, it would have been turned into a bizarre 2,989.32 crore.

This surge is supposed to have taken place after the project finally launched its blockchain named EktaChain.

Ekta is a new cross-chain blockchain project that allows digital analogues to represent physical assets. Ekta has raised over $5 million in private sales and seed funding. Despite the rise in token value, the token price has climbed to only a fraction of its all-time high of $10.42. The Ekta token was launched in August 2021 as one of the first blockchain projects that aims to merge the physical world with the on-chain world. The trading and exchange for NFTs will occur in a blockchain-based cross-platform ecosystem to trade digital assets. Ekta NFT marketplace lets NFT owners and creators connect with brands and their consumers through their digital collections. 

Although the total market cap of the token is less than $5 million, further growth and trade can trap buyers in future. Currently, around 12,097,924 tokens are under circulation, with a maximum supply of 420,000,000 Ekta tokens. Ekta's mission is to support development projects with a special focus on wise tech, cleantech, ocean startups, permaculture and aquaponics. Ekta has plans to create a grand EktaVerse with an NFT marketplace and a hybrid exchange named EktaHybex. As blockchain-based games and NFTs are less prone to global crypto trends, Ekta can be benefitted from DeFi and Play to earn games