Enegra’s End Users Can Enjoy Fast Transfers of Security Tokens on Polygon.

Enegra’s End Users Can Enjoy Fast Transfers of Security Tokens on Polygon.
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Enegra, the world's first regulated company issuing equity-backed security tokens, has recently migrated its security tokens from Ethereum to Polygon. The users will be benefitted from low transaction fees and fast transfers of security tokens on the Polygon blockchain.

Note that the Tokeny solutions are a provider of asset tokenization and compliance infrastructure. Tokeny solution is facilitating the initial tokenization and the token migration from Ethereum to Polygon.

Enegra has already tokenized its 100% equity, enabling the shareholders to digitally exercise their dividend and governance rights. Now, it has migrated its $28 billion equity to the Polygon blockchain.

The reason for migrating the equity has been said to be the cheaper and faster transactions on the Polygon network. Enegra team wanted its investors to have the advantage of modern technologies with faster transactions.

Let’s understand why Polygon (MATIC) blockchain is better than Ethereum:

Ethereum is a public blockchain through which people can send cryptocurrencies to anyone. Along with that, Ethereum offers a lot of applications for everyone to use, including games and financial services. People can transact in digital currency without involving any bank for that transaction.

On the contrary, Polygon is used for developing those blockchain networks that could be interlinked to Ethereum. MATIC blockchain offers to create full-fledged multi-chain systems to work in synchronization with interfaces built on Ethereum.

Polygon is gaining more popularity because it is way better than Ethereum in its technological aspects. Undoubtedly, Ethereum is improving its gas fee; it is still very high for most of its users. On the other hand, Polygon offers a very low or near zero gas fee to store and transfer the token.

The transaction speed of Polygon is currently 65000 per second, indicating that you can transact really quickly on the Polygon network. Polygon blockchain has a lot more to offer, but its high transaction speed and lower transaction cost are Polygon's highlights to gain popularity over Ethreum Blockchain.

Talking about security, Polygon claims to be a secure platform, but the recent hack in the Polygon network suggests the contrary. 

Closing thoughts

The Defi sector is actually growing like never before, and tokenization of real-world objects is indeed the next bigger step towards the growth of the sector. With Enegra’s tokenization of its equity and later its migration on Polygon Blockchain, the investors will undoubtedly get the benefits of MATIC blockchain in terms of lower fees and faster transactions, contrary to Ethereum blockchain.