Ethereum Backer ConsenSys Has Gone to the Court against Kavita Gupta for Resume Fraud

Ethereum Backer ConsenSys Has Gone to the Court against Kavita Gupta for Resume Fraud
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ConsenSys the company that backs Ethereum has dragged venture capitalist former head, Kavita Gupta, to court for resume fraud. It was after Kavita Gupta filed a case against ConsenSys Ventures claiming that the company owes her money for the work she has done for the company. In the other turn of events, ConsenSys Ventures have filed suit against her saying that she persuaded the firm to hire her by giving certificates of some decorated courses from decorated universities. However, that was all fraud is what the company has stated in their suit against her. Mrs Gupta has provided the certificates of having degrees from MIT. Harvard Business School and work experience in World Bank were all fabricated.

How did the matter feud?

CoinDesk invited Kavita Gupta for a telephonic interview in which she said that she has asked for compensation of $30 million for the damages. She said she was disappointed with the public mockery that she has faced. She also targeted her former employer that this move from ConsenSys Ventures has taken away her reputation. She said she was totally mistreated after giving her all to the company. The matter is creating headlines day after day and let’s see what’s next on this comes up.

ConsenSys Venture's point of view in the matter

ConsenSys Ventures on their part said that they kept pressing Kavita Gupta to verify her credentials but she kept making excuses. Once, she even lied to an extent that she has actually lost her documents. The firms also said that they didn’t want to fire her and they just asked her to resign on her own. The firm even said that even after her fraudulent activity was proved the firm decided to compensate her $600,000, which she disgorged. The firm on their part has appealed to the court to state that the firm doesn’t owe her any equity or any bonuses as compensation.