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European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) on a more secure and better computerized future

On Monday, 25 January from 14:30-16:50, the EDPS will have an online side occasion in the edges of the 2021 CPDP gathering: Data for the public great: constructing a better-computerized future.

Our point is to survey, in expansive terms, the effect of measures taken considering the COVID-19 pandemic and recognize manners by which data can utilize information to be more ready for the following one.

The online occasion will include two meetings and draw in specialists from the general wellbeing local area in the EU and other worldwide associations to consider:

1) Which of the current crisis estimates will remain and turn into our "new ordinary"?

What are the standards that characterize the requirement for an impermanent crisis measure? How would we decide when it is not, at this point, fundamental? What estimates taken considering the COVID-19 pandemic have and haven't worked? Could an appraisal as of now be finished? How did information improve the viability of the measures? Were the measures essential and proportionate?

2) How would we be able to guarantee a more secure and better-computerized future?

How might information be utilized to be more ready for the following pandemic? How might information be utilized to contain and increment cultural strength if there should be future episodes? What kinds of advances and sensors are probably going to be more common, and what effect would this have on information insurance? When is the information used in the public interest? How might we alleviate the likely antagonistic impacts for principal rights in the long haul? How might we advance computerized fortitude with the goal that information and innovation work for all individuals in Europe, particularly the most powerless?