EverRise Launches Upgraded Protocol on Three Blockchains

EverRise Launches Upgraded Protocol on Three Blockchains
Image Source: Twitter (@EverRise)
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EverRise is a DeFi project that introduced the concept of repurchasing in cryptocurrency. EverRise launched its upgraded version on November 29th; the new RISE token is available on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon networks through UniSwap, PancakeSwap and QuickSwap, respectively. It is the first time RISE token will be available on Polygon; it is also the first time any token has been launched on three chains simultaneously. 

There are several noteworthy changes and innovations; for example, the upgraded EverRise is a technological de force. The most prominent new feature is the introduction of staking. By replacing reflections, transaction tax has also been reduced from 11% to 6%. Holders can trade their tokens between one and twelve months staking pool; the reward pool supports automated buyback. The supply of tokens has been consolidated in a 10,000:1 ratio with a fixed number of 72 billion tokens. 

The decentralized application (dApps) ecosystem of EverRise is available to developers on all three chains to bring assurance and security to investors and project developers. Currently, the services provided by EverRise include EverBridge, a cross-blockchain bridge capable of block speed transfers, to developers and EverOwn, an intelligent contract locker. Other services like EverSwap, EverLock, EverWallet and EverSale are currently under development. EverMigrate and EverStak are two new dApps developed by EverRise in the upgraded contract. EverStake allows users to stake their new tokens, whereas EverMigrate helps in streamlining the token migration process. 

About EverRise

EverRise token is a multi-chain secured cryptocurrency that powers the decentralized application (dApps) ecosystem of EverRise, secured by its innovative Buyback and Staking protocol.


  • EverOwn: EverOwn provides a decentralized and secure solution for projects by locking the newly generated liquidity and smart contract on the blockchain in a locker accessed with a weighted community vote.
  • EverBridge: Users can transfer and trade cryptocurrencies across blockchains at block speed.
  • EverMigrate: This feature includes upgrading contracts and swapping tokens from old agreements.
  • EverStake: This staking platform allows RISE holders to stake their tokens to earn rewards from buybacks and unstake with flexibility.
  • EverWallet: This is an extra layer of security to the existing crypto wallet by securing holdings directly on the blockchain.
  • EverSwap: Safely swaps user's tokens without removing them from the safety of the wallet.
  • EverSale: Pre-sale has been launched on networks like BSC, ETH, and Polygon.
  • EverLock: This is a liquidity locker that grasps community voting to unlock liquidity.

Why upgrade the EverRise protocol to v2.0?

The launch of EverBridge proved to be the fastest bridge currently available, literally matching the block speed. With this technology, EverRise could expand into being a fully-fledged blockchain infrastructure protocol. The v2.0 will allow EverRise to extend to any blockchain platform they want while also providing them with the opportunity to make EverBridge the industry standard for transfers across all the chains; there will be a new address for every blockchain. EverRise wants to create balanced liquidity pools to launch on multiple chains while protecting RISE investors.