Global Governance System for NFT Games: Frutti Dino Take the Lead

Global Governance System for NFT Games: Frutti Dino Take the Lead
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Leading companies from different industries are collaborating with Monoverse. This new blockchain-based game developer comprises businesses from the 3N Korean game companies (NCSOFT, NEXON, and Netmarble) and experts and full-stack developers of prominent Korean startups, with Bithumb promoting the collaboration to expand the global NFT game ecosystem. 

Monoverse is a blockchain game developer; they'll be developing 'Frutti Dino', one of the NFT games, in 2022. Even before its launch, Frutti Dino is already receiving global attention. The game is based on the Play to Earn concept, as NFT has become a hot topic in the gaming industry. Monoverse is receiving a lot of attention and collaboration requests from various industry professionals.

Apart from the current Frutti Dino project, Monoverse will soon conduct an 'NFT Game Conference' with local and foreign game developers and studios to expand the global NFT game ecosystem. This step will lead to the revitalization of a genuinely open game platform and blockchain service.

Frutti Dino

Frutti Dino is a multi-platform game played as a role-playing strategy game. It is a blockchain-based non-fungible token (NFT) based on the Play to Earn concept. Frutti Dino is a creature made by adding a fruit ampoule to a dinosaur. Dinos are created through breeding, and they grow up; they can be upgraded and destroyed through users. In the game, there is a Land where gamers can raise and train their Dino. Gamers can use the Crafting System to create new parts or to upgrade their Dino. There are three species of Dino carnivorous, herbivorous, and hybrid, divided according to the fruit ampoule. A Dino has ten body parts, head, body, horns, eyes, mouth, back, wings, tail, body pattern, and colour; each has different characteristics. Following are the features available in Frutti Dino:

1.Raid: Users can participate in the raid at any particular time of the week to collect valuable items.

2. Expedition mode: Pieces collected during expedition mode can be used to increment the performance and value of your Dino.

3. Crafting System: To enhance the attributes and appearance of a Dino and to upgrade the Dino rare pieces collected in the Expedition Mode and resources collected in Dino Land can be used

4. Battle Royal PvP: Tokens will be rewarded on the basis of ranking in this battle

5. Lease System: Users can lend their Dinos in exchange for leasing fees which can lower the entry-level barrier for new users.


Monoverse is a game development studio that has attained a specialized game development organization and blockchain technology; it has released a new blockchain game Frutti Dino to solve the problems of existing blockchain games. The game Frutti Dino aims to inspire innovation in blockchain games through Monoverse's own Game De-Fi solution and high-quality games. The first pre-sale of the game has already attracted high participation from countries like the Philippines, Indonesia and the United States.

Monoverse aims to create a platform through blockchain technology that is transparent, fair, secure and user-centric with increased flexibility and gaming experience.