Go Trustless with ALICE token, Now easily farm ALICE on Binance with its 18th Launchpool project

Go Trustless with ALICE
token, Now easily farm ALICE on Binance with its 18th Launchpool
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ALICE is a token based on ERC 20, issued with a supply of 25 billion in 2019, and is used to provide a trustless system.

ALICE provides a trustless system within the AliceFi ecosystem, where AliceFi is a trustless, decentralized Finance protocol. It means that you don't need to trust anyone because you can control your private keys. Unlike a centralized crypto exchange, where you would trade the assets in exchange wallets based on the order book of the database of that exchange, AliceFi is an entirely different model. Here, the user doesn't need to trust the people; he can just trust the code. Its backend is written on the Smart Contracts, and hence it guarantees the logic to work. In a centralized exchange, the users have no involvement if the exchange tries to cheat the users, while in AliceFi, users control their private keys.

ALICE's current market price is $31.41 at the time of writing and a 24-hour trading volume of more than 17.58 billion US Dollars. It has a market capitalization of nearly $5.5 billion. The major markets for the trading of ALICE tokens are Binance, Uniswap, and HBTC.

Alice is a platform for the social finance sector, which helps investors and government cut the transaction costs. A blockchain-based infrastructure makes the payments conditional to verified impact, which doesn't allow anybody to monetize the transparent social funding applications.

Recently on March 9, 2021, Binance announced ALICE on Binance Launchpool’s 18th project, where users can stake their BUSD, BNB, and CHR into different pools for the farming of ALICE tokens starting from the March 10, 2021, at 00:00 AM (UTC). Binance has also listed ALICE token into innovation zone on March 15, 2021, at 06:00 AM (UTC), and trading is open for ALICE/BTC, ALICE/USDT, and ALICE/BUSD trading pairs.

The landing system of AliceFi doesn’t need any permission for the listing of a collateral token. Initially, 250 billion tokens were issued, and 10% of the ALICE tokens are allocated to the AliceFi team.