Google Cloud Collaborates with CryptoWire to Develop Blockchain and Crypto Ecosystem

Google Cloud Collaborates with CryptoWire to Develop Blockchain and Crypto Ecosystem
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TickerPlant has announced its collaboration with Google Cloud to develop the CryptoWire ecosystem, providing a common platform to the blockchain industry and all crypto stakeholders.

CryptoWire, an exchange neutral global platform, aims to simplify blockchain technology, digital assets, and applications to empower crypto enthusiasts to make informed decisions. The pace at which the blockchain and crypto markets are evolving demands a proper and precise flow of information.

CryptoWire is a cryptocurrency and DeFi related press release distribution platform. The concurrence of Google cloud's network with CryptoWire, Crypto University and CryptoTV will create multi-faceted growth to be utilized by new generation entrepreneurs, industries, economies and professionals.


TickerPlant is a subsidiary of 63 Moons technologies limited. The company is a leading global content provider in the financial and service sector by integrating news, information and data feed. TickerPlant provides real-time market data in a user-friendly format on various platforms. The company aims to empower financial markets by providing reliable and customized information and offering a unique customer experience through seamless services across the market.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Google Cloud, a platform by Google, provides cloud computing services by protecting users' data, infrastructure, applications and other customers from spam and abuse. GCP works on the same infrastructure utilized by Google for its end-user products.

TickerPlant will utilize Google Cloud's reliable, scalable and high-performance data management system to create and expand CryptoWire's ecosystem and implement its network capabilities for content delivery, video streaming, small businesses execution, etc. This partnership will also use Google Cloud's machine learning, smart data analytics, and artificial intelligence.

CryptoWire has recently launched India's first cryptocurrency index, IC15, to empower knowledge on blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The index can measure and track the performance of the top 15 widely traded cryptocurrencies, capturing 80% of market movement. The recent partnership with Google Cloud will expand CryptoWire's applications towards mainstreaming the crypto industry.