Hamster NFT - a revolutionary concept to bring liquidity to the NFT market.

Hamster NFT - a revolutionary concept to bring liquidity to the NFT market.
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NFTs are an asset of the 21st century. They trade at millions of dollars because of their rarity & scarcity. But every NFT project out there is haunted with a lack of liquidity in the market as  there is no real incentive to trade them on the open-market.

Introducing you to Hamster Game NFT. It is the first initiative of the industry to incentivise NFT trading. The NFT owners of Hamster Game earn tokens after every executed transaction/trade, which in-turn will promote the trading of these NFTs driving in more volume & liquidity. Hamster Game NFT has it’s native token that would be named by the community itself. These native tokens can be traded on the hamster Game platform where the liquidity providers get a chance to earn from their added liquidity.

Play-To-Earn: Generally, in NFT games, characters or items from a game can hold a specific value. People can sell characters/items from NFT games to earn money. These games are called play to earn games. With Hamster NFT you can Trade-To-Earn.

Important Trade-To-Earn Features of the Hamster game:

  • Sell/Buy Hamster game NFTs - commonly called as “trading”
  • After each trade, the Hamster game token will either get pumped or dumped.
  • Users can earn tokens after each trade.

Types of Hamster NFT

  • Pump type NFT (Moon Background Trait): These NFTs skyrocket a Hamster Game Token's price.
  • Dump type NFT (Dusk Background Trait): Lowers the cost of Hamster Game Token.

Hamster Game is designed to trade Hamster NFTs vigorously and constantly. The more you trade, the more possibilities you'll earn tokens for farming. Users can also hold their Hamsters. This specific quality is not found even on popular NFTs like cryptopunks (or) Bored Apes where there are no frequent trades.

Phases of the game

Hamster game has four phases of development as follows: 

  • Sale: Around 20,000 Hamster Game NFTs will be sold on Polygon Blockchain during the sale event of January 2022. Polygon is one of the best platforms for projects which don't want their community members to pay high fees. Therefore users will only need to pay a transaction fee of about 0.01$. Eligibility criteria for procuring free minting is to get a Minting Ticket, also known as MinTick. Currently from Opensea, we could see that there are more than 1000 holders of these MinTick. From the allotted 20,000 NFTs, 10,000 will be sold for free. The minting price for the remaining 10,000 Hamster NFTs is to be announced. The main sale event will be organised on the official Hamster Game website.
  • Price Discovery: The price of the Hamster game token will be decided by the community members themselves before the launch. Each Hamster NFT has a hidden trading power that only its owner knows. During the NFT purchase events, the Hamster either pumps or dumps, i.e. its token price either goes up or down. If more people buy Dump NFTs, the price goes down, and the same is the case with Pump type NFT.
  • Airdrop: This is the most accessible phase of all; according to your trading record, you're already a successful Hamster if you have got through the earlier two stages. Further users will be rewarded in the form of Hamster Tokens. The number of tokens to be airdropped will depend on the number of an individual's trades.
  • Trading: Hamster game works on a very different concept; users don't trade in crypto tokens; instead, they trade in NFTs to further trade crypto. Usually, robots and algorithms manipulate the cryptocurrency market, but Hamsters are on their own & are immune to these robots & algorithmic manipulation; they fight for their wealth among and against each other. During phase four, all the previous stages will be combined.

The game will deploy two smart contracts, one for buying and another for selling NFTs. The contracts will be triggered when Hamster NFTs are traded. Hamster is an endless game for people who don't pay much attention to researching a particular NFT. 

This project may (or) may not be a successful one, but it works on one of the real world problems with the NFT market - Liquidity & frequency of trade. 

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