Hathor Network is Making Blockchain Easy

Hathor Network is Making Blockchain Easy
Image source: Hathor
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Blockchain has emerged as a revolution in millions of lives in the past decade. Satoshi Nakamoto devised the very first blockchain database in the form of Bitcoin. Blockchains are known for their essential role in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, for maintaining a decentralized and secured record of transactions; it guarantees data security without the need for a third party, mainly used as a ledger for transactions. Data in blockchain technology is stored in blocks and linked via cryptography. Cryptocurrencies have drastically changed the concept of money, but they all come with their issues. Several blockchain protocols are coming up to overcome the challenges, and Hathor has emerged to be popular among end-users and developers. 

What is Hathor? 

Hathor is easy to use and scalable blockchain for digital assets; it is a protocol that deploys blockchain data structures and DAG within an interoperative environment. Initiated in 2018 by a group of highly skilled developers, Hathor launched its mainnet in January 2020. Hathor describes itself as 'WordPress of blockchain' by providing a simplified blockchain network where everyone can work feasibly. Developers can build decentralized applications and tokens without learning specific programming languages like Substrate, Solidity and Rust. Hathor also helps developers create smart contracts in their network through open APIs in different programming languages and coding tools. 


  • High scalability: Hathor uses the natural evolution technology of Bitcoin's blockchain with no central coordinator.
  • Easy to use: Anyone can create a token in less than a minute without any required knowledge of "gas", "solidity", or "ERC-20".
  • No fees: Hathor doesn't charge for sending or receiving tokens.
  • Built-in Atomic Swap: Different tokens can be exchanged on the same transaction.
  • Nano contracts: Hathor provides safer and easier smart contracts by connecting real-world data.

Merged mining concept

Hathor uses the concept of Merged mining, which allows mining of more than one cryptocurrency without any additional proof of work effort. The algorithm of proof of work is energy-consuming; using the Merged mining concept, miners can increase their investments at a low cost as they don't require extra hardware to mine address cryptocurrencies. Currently, miners can use Poolin and F2Pool to mine Hathor tokens HTR. Users can mint NFTs using Hathor without any technical knowledge; minting of NFTs can cost around 0.02 HTRs. 


Since its launch, Hathor has received collaborations from several projects like AfferoFlow, 9Block, Databoi and Kick-Off Music. Hathor has recently hosted Dropull, an NFT platform and one of the most considerable gaming servers in South America. It has also launched Hathor Green which incentivizes miners for using green energy. Hathor is also planning to launch a debit card within its ecosystem in partnership with Simplex. 

The Hathor team is continuously upgrading itself with new partnerships to promote the growth of its ecosystem and HTR token. Hathor will soon launch its decentralized exchange (DEX) platform named HathorSwap in the coming weeks. With great software and a great community, Hathor has a massive potential to become a leading crypto stakeholder in the coming future.