Here’s how you can access the power of blockchain using LISK. Is LSK a good investment?

Here’s how you can
access the power of blockchain using LISK. Is LSK a good investment?
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Lisk is a platform based on blockchain which aims to create an accessible future to benefit everyone from decentralized technology.  With the goal to make blockchain technology accessible to everyone, Lisk is a decentralized app development platform. The coin associated with Lisk is LSK, a currency for the developers using the platform, unlike other digital currencies. The current market price of LSK is $4.32 after an increase of 7.49% over 24-hours.

It aims to help developers transfer their skills more rapidly to build the DApps and create the customs Decentralized apps and cryptocurrencies using sidechains. It aims to create a world where anyone can benefit from blockchain technology and inspire developers worldwide. Lisk uses delegated proof-of-stake consensus algorithm, unlike Bitcoin, which utilizes the proof-of-work algorithm.

Although List blockchain has many similarities with the Ethereum Network, it is not created to build smart contracts, unlike ethereum Network. Exchanges that support the trading of LSK are Bittrex, Coinroom, HitBTC, and Binance.

Why is it advantageous to use Lisk?

· First and foremost is that the Lisk platform allows the developers to build the apps in javascript, which makes it accessible to everyone. Therefore, it is always easier for developers to use the platform.

· The platform uses sidechains to help developers build decentralized apps under the main Lisk platform. These sidechains are independent blockchains linked to the main blockchain, which do not modify the performance and the speed. It helps in making the apps wholly decentralized and autonomous.

Is LSK worth investing in?

The future price of LSK depends on the success of Lisk Network and its adoption by the programmers. We know that LSK cannot be used as a mode of payment because it cannot be used to sell and buy goods, unlike bitcoin. Although its predictions are a little complicated, it can be considered to survive well for many years, and its price is expected to rise. Its price may not shoot up within a short time, but putting up a small amount of money in it, will be indeed worth it.