Here's the reason for Coinbase going down during the Bitcoin rally

Here's the reason for Coinbase going down during the Bitcoin rally
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Unpredictability is the major drawback of cryptocurrencies. It affects not only the traders and holders but the exchanges that facilitate trade as well. The recent surge in Bitcoin's price makes it highly impossible for the cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase to prepare themselves for traffic spikes.

In the last week, Bitcoin reaches the all-time high of $40,000+., overdriving the crypto trade. The times were tough, even for well-equipped exchanges like Coinbase to manage the spike. The result was an outage of such exchanges.

Yesterday, the daily volume of Coinbase was $9.56 billion. This amount is crazy, and it is more than the total trade volume of Q1 2019 and even greater than Jan 2020's volume. This unusual surge in the traffic triggered many issues by putting extra load on the cryptocurrency exchanges.

But this Bitcoin rally is not the first time, and also, the sudden spike in traffic is not new. This has been repeated several times in history. So, what makes these exchanges suffer during these hard times?

Bitcoin spikes are practically impossible to predict, which is the major reason for cryptocurrency exchange's suffering. It does not make sense for Coinbase to extend its infrastructure 10x, expecting spikes that may or may not happen. This is the expert's opinion for the sufferings of cryptocurrency exchanges, especially Coinbase.