How Elitium uses DeFi and crypto to generate higher yields? Should you be spending on EUM?

How Elitium uses DeFi
and crypto to generate higher yields? Should you be spending on EUM?
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Founded in 2017, Elitium is a platform that builds products to power a shifting economy having value, independence, and growth. It aims to redefine the value and help investors diversify their portfolios into DeFi, crypto, and tokenized assets. The current market price of EUM is $5.04 after an increase of 2.87% over 24-hours.

The network works together with its community to customize the products according to their requirements using the feedback of its customers. Elitium’s native cryptocurrency is EUM which can be traded, staked, and invested in. The property which makes Elitism unique is that it helps in bringing together several blockchain investments into one platform. Hence, eliminating the complexity to hold a blockchain-based portfolio.

The platform aims to redefine the landscape of investment and unite the investors for creating an impact across the globe. To achieve this, its ecosystem spans crypto, tokenized assets, DeFi, and alternative investments and bridge the blockchain and traditional finance by focusing on simplicity, compliance, and ease of access.

It helps make the investors' access to blockchain-based products easier and grow their wealth in a more streamlined, straightforward, and secure way. The technology is efficient such that it helps in saving investors' time while generating higher yields on a sustainable basis compared to the traditional systems.

Strategies to provide a secure experience

It is continuously trying to bring a secure experience just like a bank. The platform focuses on developing in-house technology for users' security, which means that its smart contracts are used for locking up the assets in DeFi pools, and it doesn't depend on other protocols for securing the funds. Hence, users' money is safe from failures, price manipulation, and third-party hacks.

Secondly, they are covered under insurance offered by Nexus Mutual, which is acting as another protection layer for funds.

EUM can be traded on many exchange platforms, including FatBTC, STEX, and BitMart. For a long-term investment, EUM can prove to be an excellent option because its price is expected to rise in the coming few years, following a bullish trend. Hence, it is expected to give good returns in the future and be a good investment option for long-term investors.