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Introduction of in-app Cryptocurrency Exchange Service by Nexo; A step to broaden Digital Economy

Introduction of in-app Cryptocurrency Exchange Service by Nexo; A step to broaden Digital Economy
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Nexo, a leading synchronized financial institution with digital assets with over $4 billion assets under management, announced the launch of its in-app Exchange. With this exclusive interchange solution, Nexo furthers idiomatic expressions of its offerings, edging closer to providing a full retails banking suite.

The Nexo exchange grants no limit of conversion between, thus ensuring that more than 75 crypto and fiat currency gets pairs directly within the Nexo mobile application, giving the guarantee of best price interchange thanking its a 'smart Routing' system. An in-house innovation idea, this system simultaneously connects to multiple exchanges and splits the order depending upon price per volume to provide a fixed quote at order submission, thus ensuring no price fluctuations occur as with most exchange services.

Nexo's Co-founder and Managing partner Antoni Trenchev to push to the word or highlighted the Exchange's in end proposition in the context of Nexo's mission and the broader digital economy that "Fast, transparent and inexpensive transactions are the backbone or we can say the most important thing of fintech, but making them easily accessible, available and secure in a seamless, initiative environment is the major single most important step towards mass crypto adoption.

The new Exchange used to additionally provide an on-ramp or go on to crypto for newcomers to space, and facilitates the access to the company's native Nexo Token, eliminating or cutting the need for third-party services or other interruption for its acquisition and sake of the trading. As such, it plays a vital role or is the backbone in Nexo's ongoing tokenomics over the haul Nexonomics and pushes for greater crypto adoption, supporting the long-term development for a healthy token and digital economy.

Commenting on the further, Trenchev said that Beyond a significant addition to our line-up in its own right and the Exchange contributes to the efficiency and flexibility of our existing services and boosts the utility, liquidity, flexibility, and growth potential of the Nexo Token. In complementing our entire offering, this is the new tool that illustrates Nexo's holistic business mindset by building not just solutions but a comprehensive and sustainable, stabled digital asset management ecosystem accessible easily to all.

The Exchange is the latest and trending in a series of product launches, upgrades, advertize and announcements, upholding shaping Nexo's offering into full-suite retail banking services, offers and facilities for digital assets, and strengthening or empowering the NexoToken's economy. In the third quarter of 2020 alone and the company has introduced higher yields, so the Earn in Nexo opt-in, and a $12-million buyback program, and a new Loyalty scheme and form. Plans for the first the new year half of 2021, which includes the launch of the hotly or newly anticipated and trending Nexo crypto credit card, upgrades to the company's insurance policy, new asset integrations, and so the expansion of Nexo's institutional offering, and the acquisition of bank licenses.