Is Syscoin actually the most stable, secure, and scalable network to ever exist?

Is Syscoin actually the
most stable, secure, and scalable network to ever exist?
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With the aim to provide trustless interoperability, Syscoin is a platform that offers scalable asset microtransactions. The protocol helps in the creation of safe and inexpensive applications with the strength and security of Bitcoin. Notably, it is the decentralized database, a blockchain, and a distributed ledger-based on the fork of the Bitcoin protocol.

The project offers zero-cost financial transactions, incredibly high speed, and infrastructure for trading assets, goods, and data. The current market price of SYS is $0.5072 after a decrease of almost 3.9% over 24-hours, and it has a 24-hour trading volume of more than $20 million.

The platform uses a network of master nodes for offering a scalable service layer along with providing seniority bonuses to the master node owners. The significant exchanges for SYS trading are Upbit, Binance, CoinEx,, and Bittrex. Apart from trading, the coin has a lot of features towards which the businesses are getting attracted. It has a set of thoroughly tested smart contracts, where the hardened layer of distributed consensus controls each smart contract. Now, these smart contracts form the building blocks for e-commerce solutions based on blockchain.

Syscoin is indeed a compelling choice of network for commercial integrators because it provides a secure solution to leverage the increased efficiency. The hardened service is better to use than traditional e-commerce applications because it is well-tested with regression testing.

A mechanism ensures that the offers are paid in the right amounts to the correct persons to allow the users to transact in other cryptocurrencies on the platform. Syscoin also offers low-cost tokens and Non-fungible tokens, secured by Bitcoin’s censorship resistance and hashrate. It relies on proof-of-work blockchain and merges mined with Bitcoin to provide unrivaled security and higher resistance to the attacks.

Talking about the transaction rates, Syscoin is among the blockchains with the higher transaction rates per second. It is because of its master node networks and the Zero Confirmation Directed Acyclic Graph. Additionally, Syscoin Platform Tokens help anyone to create their cryptographic token on the platform.

Syscoin is indeed is revolutionary crypto that, along with providing low-cost transactions, provides the secure, scalable, and stable network ever to exist.