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It Is Now a Lot Easier to Generate Cryptocurrencies for Free through Writing

If you are a reader or a writer, then there is an excellent opportunity for you to earn cryptocurrencies, that too, for free. Yes, you heard it right. There are already many platforms that pay you for writing, but paying in cryptocurrencies is a relatively new concept.

matter how volatile are the cryptocurrencies, they are indeed going to rule the world. Cryptocurrencies have already made a great place in various industries in different ways. Hence, blogging is also not left behind. If you are a writer or have a passion for writing, then you can find several places that pay you in Cryptos for being a writer. The best thing is that you are not required to spend any money on that. So, technically you can earn Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies for free. Writing content and start monetizing is probably the best way to earn cryptocurrencies.

The most common platform which can provide you with the facility is Publish0x (0x is silent, so pronounced as “Publish”). If you have never heard of this platform, let me tell you that Publish0x is a blogging platform that pays its writers and readers in cryptocurrencies. Although the platform doesn’t have its own token, it can allow many different cryptocurrencies to pay their users.

There are already many platforms that can pay the writers for their unique content, but paying the readers for spending their attention and precious time is a welcoming thing, done by Publish0x. The team believes that the time and attention of the readers are worthy of being rewarded.

How can you earn using Publish0x as an author?

You can earn on Publish0x by three methods, i.e., as a writer, reader, and ambassador. But here, we’ll focus on earning as an author. The foremost thing is that, to become an author in Publish0x, you are required to fill out the given form, and then you can receive the confirmation within 48 hours if your content is worth it.

Here you can register using your email Id

Now, as an author, you have an unlimited potential to earn if you publish good quality content. Note that every registered member is provided with a specific amount every day that they can use to tip the authors. It is the choice of the user to whom he wants to allocate the tip. It is pretty evident that there are multiple readers every day, so each author has a vast potential to generate earnings if the readers read their content till the end.

Note: The widget to tip appears at the bottom of the content. If the readers do not read your content thoroughly, then they’ll certainly not tip you for the content. So, if you are a beginner, you should consider writing good quality content with relatively shorter content.

No doubt that your earning potential as an author is unlimited, but you are required to have consistency and quality in your posts because the platform promotes good quality content. Although the platform is dominated by the contents related to cryptocurrencies, you can share your views and experiences about different topics too.

After you have reached the threshold, you can easily extract your crypto earnings to a suitable wallet for cryptocurrencies.

Another popular platform to publish your excellent quality content and to earn cryptos in return is ‘Steemit’. Steemit provides you with the STEEM tokens for your writings. Although it is very much similar to that of Publish0x, its tipping method is different.

The market price of STEEM at the time of writing is $0.3732. The price is currently at almost its lowest value, which means that it is the correct time to invest. It certainly gives you another reason to start writing on Steemit. STEEM tokens can be earned by simply commenting, upvoting or posting the content on the Steemit platform, and the tokens can anytime be used to trade or withdraw.

Here you can signup for the Steemit platform|index

Cryptocurrencies are indeed everywhere now, and earning cryptos through writing is another fascinating idea. The platforms which allow the writers to get rewarded in cryptos will indeed change the working of blogging sites in the future.