Know how BitTorrent can tokenize the world's most extensive decentralized file-sharing protocol

Know how BitTorrent can
tokenize the world's most extensive decentralized file-sharing protocol
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BitTorrent is a torrent platform used for peer-to-peer file sharing and was released originally in 2001. TRON purchased BitTorrent in 2018, and it has added many different tools after its acquisition. It also released its native crypto BTT in 2019. The current market price of BTT is $0.00696 after a decrease of 0.9% over 24-hours. It has a 24-hour trading volume of nearly $836,008,460 with a current market ranking of #35.

Founded by Cohen, BitTorrent aims to disrupt the legacy entertainment industry. As it says, the platform has acquired the highest levels of security for securing the funds of users. In addition, the company also recommends the users protect themselves against any sort of theft by using biometric verification.

The crypto can be traded on various exchanges, including Binance, OKEx, Bittrex, Upbit,, HitBTC, and Huobi Global. On Binance Launchpad, the token was launched as a TRC-10 token. The token plays a very crucial role in the products of BitTorrent, such as these can be used to pay others to increase the speed. The decentralized apps powered by BTT include the DLive, BitTorrent File system, and BitTorrent speed.

What is BitTorrent’s security model?

It is built on the TRON protocol as a TRC-10 token, and the individuals are able to act either as service requesters or service providers with the ecosystem. Notably, the requester offers the BTT tokens to the provider for the local resources like storage for the remote backup, the proxy services, or the bandwidth for receiving the content.

Additionally, within the BitTorrent ethos, the BTT tokens are incorporated as incentive systems that aim to promote the BTT projects to the participants to allow the governance on the blockchain. Talking about the processing of the BTT transactions, the TRON blockchains plays a very crucial role. The platform offers an off-chain or on-chain model for settling the transactions when the tokens are transferred between the TRON blockchain and the private ledgers.

The price of BTT is expected to rise shortly because of its security feature. The BitTorrent Web Pro aims to provide security when users are torrenting using online torrent clients. It scans the torrent files for threats, including viruses and malware, before you download those files.