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Know how Coinbase is helping digital asset issuers to push forward the crypto economy - Coinbase Asset Hub

Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange, on January 14, 2021, has announced an open invitation to the asset issuers by introducing Coinbase Asset Hub. It is a specific product for the listing of assets and for doing business with Coinbase. It aims to provide the digital asset issuers with a single interface to control their assets' full lifecycle.

Coinbase believes that digital asset issuers are one of the crucial groups to push forward the crypto economy. Coinbase wants to help the issuers with its new product, where issuers will have the potential to reach the verified users of Coinbase, which accounts for more than 35 million.

The crypto economy won't grow without the efforts of many. Digital asset issuers are a crucial group pushing the industry forward, and we want to support you from day one.

~ Coinbase (@coinbase) January 14, 2021 (On Twitter)

On using Coinbase Asset Hub, the process of listing new cryptos will become more comfortable and hassle-free by removing all the barriers. No doubt that every new asset has to pass through the legal and security requirements of Coinbase.

Coinbase ensures that every new asset will undergo a robust evaluation before getting listed on this platform. These assets might take some time to get approval through some jurisdictions. Coinbase has been building many such products and services over the years that help in the crypto economy's growth. It is creating such open financial systems where the crypto economy's builders and believers can work together. Its crypto services have been expanding with nearly $320 billion trade volume to date. Coinbase supports over 40 crypto assets on the exchange, and it is still growing.