Know how Successful is Quant in bridging the existing gap between the blockchains

Know how Successful is
Quant in bridging the existing gap between the blockchains
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Quant is a project built as operating system distributed ledger technology and aims to connect the different blockchains on a global scale. It doesn’t reduce the interoperability and efficiency of the Network while connecting the blockchains. It uses the overledger Network to bridge the gap between blockchain networks, which allows the building of multi-chain applications for the consumers.

Developers are required to hold Quant tokens (QNT) for building the Mapps on the Network. The market price of QNT, at the time of writing, is %51.87 and is increased by almost 1.08% in 24-hours. The upper supply of QNT is set to be 14,612,493 tokens and out of which 9,545765 tokens were burnt due to not selling out during ICO. These tokens are required to purchase a license for creating apps on the platform. These are also used as the cost for performing operations on Overedger.

Quant was built with the aim of creating the missing links between blockchains, which is a significant problem with blockchains.  It allows the developers to create value, build multi-chain applications and innovative apps for the users. They incentivize the developers directly using an App store model.

There are currently 26.4 million mobile app developers globally, and the number is expected to grow with the use of Quant Network, as the Network provides the developers a choice to use the best model for their multi-chain applications. Developers are allowed to monetize their apps, if they want, can charge the regular price, one-off price, or a subscription in fiat or any digital currency.

One crucial point is that the users are also required to hold the Quant tokens for running the multi-chain applications. The users have to buy a license using QNT annually.

The Overledger Network of Quant is designed to act as a gateway for any project to access the other blockchains. The Network can connect the different applications on a similar blockchain as well. Basically, Quant creates different layers for interacting at different levels; for instance, it has different layers for messaging, filtering, ordering, and transaction.

Overledger can connect the blockchains without requiring any middle blockchain. Hence, it can smoothly enable the communication between different blockchains without running any node or additional consensus.