List Your NFTs with Solana’s NFT Marketplace, Magic Eden, with 0% Listing Fees.

List Your NFTs with Solana’s NFT Marketplace, Magic Eden, with 0% Listing Fees.
Image Source: Twitter (Magic Eden)
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With more than 50% market share, Magic Eden has become the leading NFT marketplace of Solana. Launched in September 2021, the marketplace has already surpassed $200 Million in transaction volume.

How can you list your NFT collection on Magic Eden?

Magic Eden supports artwork in the form of gifs, mp4s and static images in all sizes. Being the leading marketplace on Solana, Magic Eden receives a considerable number of visitors every day who want to list their NFTs on the marketplace.

To list your NFTs on Magic Eden, you are required to fill out the complete application for listing from the link mentioned here Note that the incompletely or incorrectly filled application will lead to the rejection of the listing application.

Here’re some points worth considering when you’re listing your NFTs on Magic Eden:

  • The marketplace accepts applications for already minted collections as well as collections with upcoming mint.
  • All the applications are often responded to within 1 to 4 days of submission with notification of rejection or acceptance.
  • The Magic Eden team currently decides which listings will go live after reviewing the applications. But, the model will soon be shifted to a decentralized one.
  • You'll get updates through emails mentioning whether your application is rejected or accepted.

Some interesting facts about Magic Eden:

The platform’s daily visitor volume exceeds 200k with every passing day, and it recorded more than 40k wallet connections each day. With the volume more than the combined volume of most ETH marketplaces, Magic Eden offers around 1,000 collections on the site, and the number is expanding with each passing day.

Magic Eden is the first such platform to introduce the features such as rarity index, bidding and the Launchpad. This is perhaps why it exceeded 50,000 SOL in daily transaction volume within a span of two weeks. Also, the platform offers local language capabilities such as Japanese, Vietnamese, Turkish and Korean.

Magic Eden aims to grow its community by focusing on five major areas:

  • Core Secondary Marketplace- The team is much focused on building such a platform where users can trade their Non-fungible tokens with immediate liquidity. The platform aims to provide an excellent user experience with ease to browse, search and research.
  • Launchpad- Magic Eden's Launchpad is the simple process where you can create and sell your Non-fungible tokens. This Launchpad is built to make minting relatively seamless, secure and easier for worldwide creators. It offers the creators full-service NFT minting support, outbound marketing support and automatic distribution on Magic Eden.
  • Partnership integration- The team is focused on integrating large partners. It has already started the partnership integrations with Raydium that offers the creators significantly excellent liquidity and exposures for their NFT collections.
  • Gaming- Magic Eden focuses on diving more profoundly into the gaming area and has partnered with Faraway to work in this space.
  • Mint authority- Mint authority is a self-service minting tool to help the direct upload of the files. It is supposed to go live on December 1st.

Closing thoughts

Magic Eden is a relatively new platform to mint, sell and buy Non-fungible tokens. But the high throughput of Solana Blockchain makes the fees involved with Magic Eden almost negligible, and hence, it is indeed one of the suitable platforms to trade NFTs.