Meta’s Plan Is To Track Emotions and Biometric Features To Suit Its Business Model

Meta’s Plan Is To Track Emotions and Biometric Features To Suit Its Business Model
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Metaverse has opened a new world of possibilities for the world ever since its inception. A virtual world where you can do everything is Metaverse. You can create characters and play games in extraordinary ways in the Meta world. Intending its plans, Metaverse has filed multiple patents that provide insights to the users. Meta patent found by Financial Times suggests some potential patents we can see in the coming times from Meta. One patent suggests that Meta would gather the facial expressions of the users to switch between the media content.

The switching of media content will be executed via the VR headset tool. Another patent suggests that Meta will use body tracking hardware to fetch your body pose and movements. Meta adopts a similar strategy when it was Facebook. The main aim of the patents is to suit and benefit its business model. We can also expect that when Meta reaches its full potential, it can use the biological process and facial expression to effectively place its advertisement.

As Facebook was also an influential tool of advertisement and campaigning, we can expect the same from Meta when it progresses. The collection of such biometric features and the biological process will fulfil the engagement goal of the Meta platform. It will provide data and advertisements that keep the users hooked up with the platform for long hours. We all are also familiar that how the collection of such data can hugely influence the buying behaviour and emotions of the users. The spokesperson of Meta has further affirmed that Horizon Worlds will also follow the same model of commerce and targeted advertising.

Horizon Worlds is a platform to create, collaborate, share, and inspire your ideas with the whole world. The platform provides endless possibilities to the content creators. Emma Taylor, A tech analyst said in a statement " These patent applications indicate that Meta has not learned its lesson, having been accused previously of storing users' biometric data without permission. It is likely that the same issues surrounding data privacy from existing social media platforms will be extended, or even exacerbated, in the metaverse." Facebook previously have gathered massive outrage about its business model, as it was also serving harmful content to the viewers only for the sake of engagement.