MetaGods, Revolutionizing the GameFi Industry

MetaGods, Revolutionizing the GameFi Industry
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MetaGods is the world's first 8- bit action role-playing game built on the blockchain, and it is based on the Play-To-Earn model, which incorporates innovative game mechanics. This launch will lead the GameFi movement and provide more value to the blockchain industry in the ongoing gaming revolution. The gaming industry is already going through a revolution with the emergence of blockchain technology; the developers are exploring their capabilities and new ways to engage with the previously unavailable audience. As the merger between the gaming industry and decentralized networks increases, many blockchain-based games will be coming out. A rewarding gameplay experience, a good combination of detailed game design, and tokenomics will be the new genre of gaming in the coming future.

The Play2Earn Concept

Play2Earn is a recently developed business model in the gaming industry; it is a concept of gaming in which gamers are rewarded for their time in the form of in-game assets or tokens, which can be converted to a valuable source in the real world. This concept is famous, especially in developing countries where users lack good employment opportunities but have access to electronic gadgets.

The GameFi Model

GameFi is made of two words, i.e. Game and Finance. It refers to the financialization of video gaming, mainly through Play2Earn crypto games. GameFi crypto games work on a blockchain network, where users can verify their ownership of virtual items in the game. Hence, GameFi projects not only entertain the users but also provide them with monetary value. Initially, many GameFi projects have failed to provide an enjoyable experience to the players as blockchain design and game development are different skills. Therefore presenting a GameFi project that contains a proper implementation engaging game and blockchain technology is difficult indeed.

MetaGods GameFi Model

The MetaGods GameFi model allows users to stake platform tokens directly through the game's user interface. The game uses mythological deities from Greek and Roman mythology with retro style. The game is built for fast-paced gameplay, which revolves around the quest to attain godhood by the playable characters.

Through this game, users can earn their in-game token and utilize it to buy updated weapons or upgrade their character's NFTs. MetaGods is made for both casual and hardcore users.

MetaGods is the first project to use the MeraWars GameFi launchpad. As the GameFi industry is new, it is exhilarating to see these meaningful innovations. The game has a dual token system, with $MGOD and $RELIC being the two tokens available on the platform. $MGOD can be used to enter special events, whereas $RELIC supports the Play2Earn structure of MetaGods for the game's internal economy.

To bring blockchain technology into the fast-growing gaming industry and transform the NFT market, a number of investors and partners, including BoxMining, ABV, Cinchblock,, Magnus Capital, Raptor Capital, and Faculty Capital, have contributed $3 Million to MetaGods. With the support of these investors MetaGods now have the momentum as well as the industry recognition.