Netflix’s Squid Game Inspired Squid Has Started to Rule the Crypto Market.

Netflix’s Squid Game Inspired Squid Has Started to Rule the Crypto Market.
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The current market price of SQUID is $15.74 after an increase of more than 35% within a day. 

Squid game, the South Korean series, has become the biggest original series of Netflix after its launch. It has become so popular that its online tournament is set to be launched in November, of course, without the deadly consequences. So, if you loved the series, then you might be willing to play its online six rounds of games mimicking the games played in the series.

To play the game, you are required to use the SQUID token, and it seems that people are already supporting the token wholeheartedly because the coin can be seen considerable growth in its adoption since its launch.

Everyone can participate in the Squid game with SQUID token

I'm pretty sure that most of you must have seen the series, and the majority of you surely have liked the thriller. Of course, there is no such organization that will gather people to help them earn money. But, if you are interested, you can indeed play all those games with the SQUID token.

The number of participants isn't fixed in this online version of the Squid game; in fact, the amount of reward pool depends on the number of people joining the pool. Keep in mind that there are definitely no deadly consequences, unlike the web series.

Squid Game project contains six games just like the Netflix series

All the players can start from the first game, and they will be only allowed for the next game if you survive the previous one.

The first game will be the "Red Light, Green Light" with the 456 SQUID as the entry fee. The SQUID tokens will be refunded to the winners, and they will move towards the second game, i.e., Dalgona Candy, with an entry fee of 1000 SQUID. The winners of round two will get Dalgona Candy NFT which will be used for the next round.

The third round will be "Tug of War" with an entry fee of 2000 SQUID and 1 NFT. This game will be played in teams, and the winners will get a level 2 NFT which is again the entry fee for the next round of the game.

The fourth round will be "Marbles" using 4000 SQUID and 1 level 2 NFT as the entry fee, and the winners will get a set of marbles NFTs. "Glass Stepping Stone" will be the round fifth of the project with an entry fee of 8000 SQUI and 1 level 3 NFT. Winners of round five will earn level 4 NFT.

The final or sixth round will be “Squid Game” with an entry fee of 15,000 SQUID and 1 level 4 NFT. The winner will be able to get all the bonuses in the pool.

Note that 10% of the entry fee will be sent to the developers of the project, and the remaining fee will be added to the pool, which the last winner can earn. You can anytime restart the game if you fail once.

The game's Beta version will be out in November for 500 players, and then the games will be released for the public.