NFT Game Project Parallel Launches Inb0x: A Messaging Application

NFT Game Project Parallel Launches Inb0x: A Messaging Application
Image Source: Twitter (@ParallelNFT)
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Parallel, a Sci-Fi Card Game Project, recently launched its messaging application, called Inb0x, for the encrypted communication between wallets.

Users can communicate to and from their Ethereum address:

Inb0x is a massaging tool that is built for web3. With the help of the Inb0x application, users can securely communicate to and from their Ethereum addresses. The application uses end-to-end encryption to allow secure communication, and it also makes use of the ENS.

Inb0x can allow the users to make offers on Non-fungible tokens and chat with any person behind a wallet.

To connect with Inb0x, one must have a MetaMask wallet. Users then generate a set of keys for message encryption, which also reduces the number of interactions required by the wallet. Note that the unencrypted private keys live only in the browser memory of the users.

How can you use Inb0x?

Inb0x messaging application is secure, convenient and powerful. The end-to-end encryption of Inb0x is secured by the Ethereum wallet, and the users can quickly contact and wallet on the network.

The first interaction with Inb0x involves the sign in to the MetaMask wallet and then encrypting the inb0x private keys. The app has created a “signed in” wallet session to reduce the interactions with MetaMask. The users are only required to re-sign upon the termination of their session.

Encryption of the private keys involves the use of an official interface to encrypt/decrypt the private keys through MetaMask. The encrypted inb0x private keys are stored in the secure database, and the senders can anytime retrieve and decrypt the keys upon reconnecting to the application.

To subsequently use the application on any browser, users need to retrieve the encrypted private keys and the messages once they sign in to the platform. The decrypted private keys are stored in the memory, and the users can read all the messages after the decryption.

When a user sends any message, two versions are usually created- one is encrypted with the recipient's public key, and the other is encrypted with the sender's inb0x public key. Only the recipient and the sender can decrypt and read the message here. Inb0x specifically secure the short messages and prevents their brute force decryption.

A symmetric shared key is commonly used to encrypt the messages for secure messaging. Note that the application is web-based and doesn't have a proper safe place for storing the symmetric key. To increase the speed of decryption and improve security, the platform is considerate to come up with new ideas such as keeping the message encrypted and synced to the database every time.

Also, for the initial beta phase, the messages are stored in the Firestore database, which later can be swapped for a decentralized solution.