Omni Appoints Carlos as Chief AI Officer

Omni Appoints Carlos as Chief AI Officer
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The social media app Omni has appointed Carlos Art Nevarez, the tech guru of the industry, as Chief AI Officer. Nevarez will help and assist the company's leading techniques and execution on the AI systems used in the app's material discovery system. Carlos is a team leader and an expert software architect leading in technologies like cloud and invasive computing, security, mobile, SaaS, big data, machine learning and system architecture. 

What is Omni? 

A blockchain-based social media app Omni incentivizes all of its users and organizational interactions via Omni token benefits. Omni presents itself as a mega-app, offering users the services like sharing video posts, live streaming, stories, creating channels, chatting with other users, making video or audio calls, and even creating in-app stores to sell or buy products. With the emergence of NFT technology, users can get ownership over their content through which they can earn Omni tokens based on their content performance. Omni is a people-driven social media app including features from all the current giants like Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, PayPal, Shopify, Telegram and WhatsApp. 

Major Features

  • Secret Chat: Includes the feature of disappearing messages with other users.
  • HD Audio and Video Calling: The audio and video calls in Omni are encrypted by an open-source signal protocol which keeps the conversations secure. Encryption keys will exist only on user devices and nowhere else.
  • Creating Videos: Users can create videos and stories with professional editing features like filters, stickers, audio mixing and recording, etc.
  • Real-time chats: This feature allows sharing locations, contacts and transferring Omni tokens.
  • Dub & Duet: Users can lip-sync to songs, create challenges, a duet with other users or dub to an endless library of songs.

Omni believes in distributing a portion of the company's profits in the form of Omni tokens. Therefore, users will get their earnings in the form of Omni tokens. These tokens can be further used for in-app purchases like buying from merchant stores, NFT markets, sending digital gifts and much more. Omni is all set to become the first Engage-to-Earn social media app. 

Carlos Art Nevarez Joins Omni

Carlos has experience of over 30 years in the technological world. He has worked with BPU Holdings as Chief Technology Officer; his team has developed ZimOS an 

Artificial Emotional Intelligence (AEI)platform. Before BPU, Carlos had positions such as CTO at Enlightened Wealth Institute, CEO at BizzBlizz, Director at Fusion-IO, Chief Architect Java Tech Group at Novell and VP of IT at Nature's Sunshine. According to Carlos Art Nevarez, Omni is entering a new era of social media, focusing on a balanced relationship between the creator and the platform. An era where a creator's earnings and growth can exist on the same platform, providing some ownership to the creators. Omni is ready to launch its app in 2022 with its investors and partners from Chainlink, Ausum Ventures, Polygon, Morningstar Ventures and many more. Users can register on their website and get more info on the upcoming social media revolution.