P2E Games on Polygon Can Help You Earn Cryptocurrencies

P2E Games on Polygon Can Help You Earn Cryptocurrencies
Image Source: Twitter (Polygon Studios)
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Play-to-earn games are becoming a good source of income for many people since the previous year. These games are closely associated with blockchain, and their in-game economy revolves around the cryptocurrencies native to their platform. In fact, some P2E games can help the players to earn NFTs.

These days, people are finding newer ways to make money, and online gaming is a new hype because these games can help the players earn a significant amount of income.

Let’s briefly understand the concept of P2E gaming:

P2E is an open model that can help people to make real money by playing various online games using cryptocurrency. The model offers equity to the players, and the players can also allow collaborating with the developers to make specific contributions to the game.

Players can also own and tokenize their in-game assets as NFTs. It means that any valuable item in the game can be traded for real money once tokenized as a Non-fungible token.

The concept of monetizing online games is pretty old, but with the introduction of blockchain technology, gamers can even make decisions to improve the gaming experience. They can also trade in-game cryptocurrencies outside of that gaming ecosystem.

How do Play to earn games help you make money?

Earning money through P2E games is pretty straightforward. You are just required to play the games. In simple words, gamers are required to play the story or battle the other players to collect the NFT items.

The task in the game varies according to the economic model of the game itself. Some P2E games also offer crypto staking options to help you earn passive income. Keeping in mind that cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, the price of a game’s token can certainly rise in future and might pump up your value if you hold the token.

Polygon has a lot of P2E games to offer:

Polygon is an innovative protocol that provides a framework to build decentralized applications at a much cheaper and faster rate than Ethereum.

Polygon Studios, a Gaming and NFT arm of Polygon, is majorly focused on bridging the gap between Web 2 and Web 3 gaming via investments and developer support. It aims to grow the NFT and Blockchain gaming industry and comprises many games such as Cometh, Upshot, Zed Run, Decentraland, Neon District, OpenSea and Megacrytopolis.

Here is a list of P2E games on Polygon that you can certainly play to earn cryptocurrencies:

  • Axie Infinity- It is one of the most popular crypto games with a concept of Play to earn and is based on Ethereum blockchain. Axie Infinity is somewhat like a Pokemon game and requires you to own 3 Axies to start the game. It can help you earn $SLP tokens.
  • Zed Run- It allows the gamers to race the NFT horses in order to win crypto prizes.
  • Thetan Arena- It allows gamers to play matches with a hero NFT that helps them earn $gTHC tokens if they win the matches.
  • Gods Unchained- It is a trading card game that can help you earn rare Non-fungible tokens as rewards.
  • My Crypto Heroes- It is JRPG where you can earn crypto tokens in competitive or non-competitive modes.

You probably can start playing these games for free. But, it can put on some limitations on what you can earn. Instead, you might consider making an initial investment to start earning quickly. These investments include buying a few game tokens of NFTs.

Closing thoughts

Blockchain-based Play-2-Earn games are in an early stage of development because they provide a unique gaming experience. Besides playing the most amazing games, the gamers have a chance to earn cryptocurrencies through P2E games. Many major gaming companies are also considering switching to P2E gaming. 

Polygon is an ecosystem that has enormous potential. It is partnering with many known companies to build newer P2E games. Considering the fact that numerous crypto games are coming up every day, P2E games seem to have an excellent future in the coming years.