Pepsi to Launch NFTs to Celebrate Anniversary

Pepsi to Launch NFTs to Celebrate Anniversary
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The beverage giant Pepsi has announced to launch around 2,000 NFTs to celebrate its anniversary through 'Pepsi Mic Drop' genesis NFT collection. The company said the traits of Pepsi Mic Drop genesis NFT collection are generated randomly by an algorithm which makes each NFT unique and different. To mark the year it was born, Pepsi will be creating 1,893 generative-style NFTs. The Pepsi mic drop NFTs will be inspired by different flavours of Pepsi like black Pepsi zero sugar, silver diet Pepsi, classic blue Pepsi, red Pepsi wild cherry crystal Pepsi and many more.

To achieve a net-zero carbon footprint, Pepsi will also implement a carbon offset program for Pepsi Mic Drop NFTs.


Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have existed for a while. Unlike cryptocurrencies, users cannot trade NFTs as they are unique cryptographic tokens. Still, this year has marked a significant rise with many big brands like Facebook (Meta), Adidas, NBA advancing to position their brand in this new technological advancement of Web3.0 space.

NFTs are non-interchangeable units of data stored on a blockchain; they can enable users to own digital possessions via a blockchain network. Users can hold digital assets like music, artefacts, drawings, and different art forms through NFTs.Each unique non-fungible token has several use cases. For artists, NFTs are a way to sell their work; for buyers, NFTs provide them with some usage rights; for instance, buyers can post the image online or use it as a profile picture. Eventually, if users feel like the price of NFT has gone up, they can sell it with profit.


Pepsi is a soft drink manufactured by PepsiCo. Caleb Bradham initially developed it in 1893 as Brad's Drink. In 1898 the brand Pep Kola was renamed Pepsi-Cola, which later merged with Frito-Lay. PepsiCo is a food and beverage company established in America with products available in more than 200 countries. The company's headquarters are in New York.

The Pepsi Mic Drop genesis NFT will be available on the Ethereum blockchain, with each token created by 50% unique attributes in six categories. The elements used for designing Pepsi NFTs will include stages, microphones, accessories, and many more.

The Pepsi Mic Drop NFT collection is designed and created with VaynerNFT under VaynerX. Consumers will first have to enter a waiting list and get themselves verified, after which they can mint Pepsi Mic Drop NFTs free of cost; buyers will only need to pay the gas fees. The Mic Drop NFTs will be launched on December 14, 2021, and will be mined by those users who have entered the waitlist on the same day. Pepsi has already released its first waiting list on its Twitter handle.

The launch of the Pepsi NFT collection comes as many other significant brands Coca Cola and Lays, have already entered the space. Recently, on its 75th anniversary, UNICEF has also decided to sell 1,000 NFTS to bridge the global divide and support its international efforts.