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Planning to invest? Have a look at Top Five Cryptos in terms of 24-hour trading volume to invest in 2021.

No doubt that Bitcoin is the top cryptocurrency in market capitalization, but many cryptos have grown multiple times and become the top gainers in 24-hours. The crypto space is dominated by the volatility factor over any other factors, where fortune tends to move quickly in this world of digital assets.

1.      VidyX (VIDYX)

The current market price of VidyX is $2.58, with an increase of 272.44% in 24-hours. The exchanges where VidyX can be traded are Liquid, Indodax, and VIDYX has a current market ranking at #2397. It is a new token that was launched on TRON to revolutionize the ownership of data. It aims to deliver the first tradable data contract, i.e., TDC, to securely schematize the user data into exchangeable compact smart units.

2.      Attila (ATT)

The current market price of ATT is $1.12, with an increase of 229.65% in 24-hours. Agreement of Telecom Technosphere or Attila is a decentralized protocol that is based on blockchain technology. It commits to provide an autonomous communication solution for social networks across the globe. There are many exchange platforms to trade ATT, including Bithumb Global, Bitbns, Indodax,, and CoinTiger.

3.      JSB Foundation (JSB)

The current market price of JSB is $1.70, with an increase of 211.75% in 24-hours. JSB Foundation aims to create a technology network to support decentralized finance services. The exchanges to trade JSB include P2PB2B, Finexbox, JustSwap, and LATOKEN.

4.      Firdaos (FDO)

The current market price of FDO is $0.7081, with an increase of 168.85% in 24-hours. The exchanges to trade FDO include Uniswap, Bilaxy, and CoinTiger. Firdaos aims to remove third parties' requirement to turn properties into smart contracts on a decentralized ledger. It is a Decentralized Finance platform that tends to empower everybody in the world by benefitting from investing in the real estate of UAE. It aims to disrupt the traditional ecosystem of real estate by using Defi and Blockchain technology.

5.      srnArt Gallery (SACT)

The current market price of SACT is $0.6127, with an increase of 136.61% in 24-hours. It is a union of Non-fungible token artists. srnArtGallery is a community that wants to spread art globally, where the token SACT is to solve the problems of expensive NFT art. Here, people can stake SACT to farm non-fungible tokens from srnArt Gallery. The token was launched on February 12, 2021, on BSC (Binance Smart Chain). The current market rank of SACT is #2735 with a maximum coin supply of 5 million.