Polygon Will Soon Become the Zk Powerhouse.

Polygon Will Soon Become the Zk Powerhouse.
Image Source: Polygon official
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Polygon has recently launched Miden, STARK based, EVM compatible Rollup. Led by Bobbin Threadbare, Miden is the Polygon’s another effort to become the leading powerhouse of Zero-Knowledge cryptography.


Let’s understand Polygon Miden.

Maiden is STARK based Zero-Knowledge Rollup that aims to solve the ultimate drawback of ZK Rollups. Note that the ZK rollup is the Layer 2 blockchain solution performing the computations when the funds are held in the smart contract. A Zero-knowledge rollup allows the blockchains to validate the transactions fast and keep the gas fees lower. So, in short, a ZK rollup combines the on-chain and off-chain processes and hence, performs better than Layer 1 blockchains.

But, there is a drawback of ZK rollup. ZK rollups find it hard to support arbitrary transactions, including the transactions of Ethereum Virtual Machine.

Polygon Miden uses its core component Miden Virtual machine, to solve this issue that supports arbitrary logic and transactions. Also, a STARK based proof of execution is generated automatically whenever any program is executed on Miden VM. Anyone can use the proof of execution to verify if the program was correctly executed. So, there isn’t a need to re-execute the program.

Will Polygon be the ZK powerhouse?

The polygon team is actively exploring Zero-Knowledge cryptography. It aimed to be the ZK powerhouse and started the journey with the launch of Hermez. Later it launched ZK EVM, and now Miden has been launched.

Maiden is the advanced scaling solution based on STARK, and it aims to address the network congestion problems on the Ethereum network. Also, Miden will accelerate the validation for Decentralized applications.

The exciting thing here is that Polygon Miden is absolutely open-source, despite the STARK being a closed one. It means that you can modify the parts of the code under your discretion without any legal repercussions.

All in all, Polygon has built an open-source and transparent system that is indeed an essential step towards being the ZK powerhouse. The team is actively investing in the field to fulfil its aim to become the world's leading Zero-Knowledge powerhouse.

Miden VM performance parameters:

Miden VM, when run on a single CPU core, operates at 10 kHz, and it operates at more than 80 kHz when run on a 16-core CPU. The performance will be further improved in future. 

Note that the project is still in the alpha stage and hence, might have security flaws.