PolygonScan Makes the Polygon Blockchain a Versatile Network

PolygonScan Makes the
Polygon Blockchain a Versatile Network
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Polygon, on June 9th, announced the release of PolygonScan, which is a blockchain explorer to support high transaction activity on Polygon.

sing PolygonScan, the users will now be able to fetch the data about their tokens, prices, and addresses on the blockchain. It is developed by the team who built Etherscan. Notably, Etherscan is the block explorer that allows the users to check smart contracts, stats, and transactions on the Ethereum Blockchain.

How is PolygonScan going to help?

You must be knowing that Polygon (or MATIC) is a blockchain scalability platform that offers to solve many issues of Ethereum, including the low TPS and high fees. Polygon provides high throughput compared to Ethereum. The gas fee on Polygon is relatively less compared to the Ethereum network.


With the launch of PolygonScan, you can now quickly check the blockchain data, including daily transactions, unique addresses, average block size, average gas price, daily gas used, daily active ERC-20 addresses; Network data, including network transaction and network utilization; validators data and contracts data.

polygonscan.com featuring gas fee

The other features of PolygonScan which the users highly requested are contract verification, ABI verification, and intuitive transaction tracking.

It can even support the high transaction on Polygon, making 7 million transactions per day. Additionally, the Launching of decentralized apps is going to be easier on the polygon blockchain with this recent upgrade.

For a week, Polygon is outperforming Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, the current market price for MATIC is 1.39, and it has decreased by almost 7.48% in 24-hours. Its price has reduced by 38% since a week, still doing better than many other cryptocurrencies. However, the recent upgrade can shift its price to the higher side.



Disclaimer: The nature of Cryptocurrencies is highly volatile. Please do proper risk management before investing.