Rarity tools- An NFT Rarity tool to be trusted

Rarity tools- An NFT Rarity tool to be trusted
Image Source: Rarity.tools
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Non-fungible tokens are now gaining immense popularity in the art world. Note that NFTs are the tools that every artist should use to ensure that their work is not copied by any other user. In other words, we can say that NFTs can prove digital ownership. Every NFT is unique, and the term "Rarity" is used to compare the rarest trait of every NFT.

Note that Rarity is very crucial in determining the value of a Non-Fungible Token because what matters most for an NFT is “how rare it is”.

Rarity tools explained:

Rarity.tool  is the website that is dedicated to ranking the NFTs by their Rarity. This tool helps to provide a very sensible and easy to understand ranking of the Rarity of the NFTs, which quickly tells if your NFT is rare or not. So, the NFT collectors can easily compare the value of NFTs with each other.

The working of the Rarity.tools is pretty simple. First of all, every trait of an NFT is provided with a rarity Score, and then the score for all the traits is added up to build an overall Rarity Score. 

Currently, NFTs projects are included on the Hashmasks, Cryptopunks, Chubbies, Bored Ape Yacht Club and Waifusion. Note that every community differently values their NFT collectables. 

For instance, Cryptopunks gives more importance to the attribute count of every CryptoPunk, while other communities don’t consider the attribute count to be of much importance.

Because of the difference in the valuing strategies of the NFT communities, Rarity.tool customizes the ranking for every project and adds the additional derived traits. In simple words, Rarity.tools add up the additional traits in the projects and then counts the total rarity score of a Non-fungible token.

Notably, Rarity.tools do provide rarity rankings to the NFTs, but that's not it. It also helps in the filtering of the Non-fungible tokens by their traits and that too very quickly. You can anytime see the existing NFTs by narrowing down the filters.

Closing Remarks

Rarity.tools add up the additional derived traits to the individual NFTs to calculate the rarity Score. This rarity score is used to check how rare is one non-fungible token. Rarity is crucial while valuing an NFT, but remember that Rarity is not the only factor to value an NFT.

For instance, Non-fungible tokens might have unique trait combinations that cannot be determined by Rarity and hence, it shouldn't be considered as the only factor to value your NFT collectables.

Talking about the cost, Rarity.tools cost 2 ETH to list a project. But, if you want to save the cost, you can anytime go for the alternate free options. One such alternate option that you can trust is Blockonomist Rarity tool that allows you to list any project without any fee.