SharkRace Club: The First NFT Project With Rarity Upgrade

SharkRace Club: The First NFT Project With Rarity Upgrade
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SharkRace Club is an NFT based project with a rarity upgrade and a play to earn metaverse 3D games. The game will be ready by the second quarter of 2022 with SharkCoin (SHRK) as a project token. The SharkRace Club is a global two in one initiative that provides top quality NFT art and a play to earn the game. It combines the latest technologies to provide maximum value to its customers. Club's unique 20,001 piece NFT shark collection was created by high-profile Cannes Lions award-winning artists who have worked with Disney and designed key visuals for the Olympics.

The 3D collection, based on the BSC blockchain, has around 1000 hand drawn traits, indicating that each Shark owner has a unique experience will their work of art; this signifies that NFTs are dispersed randomly and are delivered in high resolution. Apart from this, members of the SharkRace club can use the rarity shop to upgrade their original NFT shark rarity index and increase its utility by purchasing GIF animation services and other super-rare traits.

Each NFT Shark buyer instantly becomes a member of the SharkRace Club. They can access the Rarity Upgrade platform, voting rights, lifelong royalties, grants in project tokens (SharkCoins) and staking preferences. In the case of collective NFT Shark purchases, users get a complimentary Game pack containing three varieties of gaming NFT meta-sharks and a gift card for the P2E game.

The project team has affirmed that this cross-platform 3D play-to-earn game will be ready by the second quarter of 2022, presenting different gaming models, leagues and bids. The native token of the game is SharkCoin (SHRK) on the BSC blockchain. A total of one billion SHRK tokens are available, with the price of the single token being USD 0.02. SharkCoins can be used for game transactions, buying NFTs, marketplace transactions, updating the rarity index, and being staked. SHRK's Initial Dex Offering (IDO) is scheduled for February 22, followed by Initial NFT Offering (INO) on March 1, 2022. The NFT collection mint is expected on March 3, while the Rarity Upgrade Platform Shark Shop will open on March 23, 2022.