Sin City Gameplay Explained

Sin City Gameplay Explained
Image Source: Twitter (@SinCityToken)
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Earning money while gaming could have been a dream of many a few years back, but not anymore in the new era of the metaverse. The new R rated metaverse Sin City to be released next year will allow people to build an empire of their dreams. It will be an excellent platform for people new to the metaverse. 

What is Sin City

Sin City is a blockchain-based online metaverse project with a play-to-earn system based on underworld activities. There are seventeen different regions and 15,000 plots in the game that are stimulated to other cities, with bright lights of Las Vegas to Rio de Janeiro. Each region has its own gangs and cartels; players can join one of the gangs in their area. A neutral stand in Sin City is not suggested; otherwise, one can be easily dominated and vanquished. 

After joining a gang, players can go on missions, attack rival gangs, kidnap gang members and earn SIN coins and various NFTs. There are Yakuza and Scillian mafias. The game is not 100% safe, as players are part of a criminal underground. There will always be traitors and spies in their team. There are many ways to earn while playing in the game; one can buy and sell a plot, rent it or open a shop on their property. There is also a virtual casino where people can earn money by gambling. 

Since the game is a metaverse, there are unlimited ways to earn money. People can start building their empire in the metaverse by purchasing digital land through SIN coins. There are four different plot types in the game. 

  • The first is Private Lands owned privately by individuals; they can be bought and sold in the auction market.
  • Second is District Lands, a set of individuals can come together to form a group, and they can further decide to purchase and own landed properties and put them for use; such land can be auctioned in the market or have structures built on it.
  • Third is Public Land, which is the land meant for public use; people can meet, have discussions, relaxations, workouts, exercise and more in such places.
  • The fourth is Public Roads; these are roads for vehicles and pedestrians to explore the city freely.

The currency to be used for trading in the game will be the SIN token; the SIN token can be used to buy and sell lands, weapons, cars, clothes, and much more. People can also earn money by gambling with SIN coins. Users will have to pay a small SIN token as a mandatory tax. 

The game's Beta version will be released in the first quarter of 2022, following the game's testing. In the second quarter, the Stake platform will be released for users to stake and increase the number of SIN coins they're holding, and in the last quarter of the year, the game's full version will be released. Follow Sin City on their website, Telegram, YouTube, and other social media channels to stay updated.