Solana’s DEX Soldex Is All Set to Accelerate the Development of Its DEX Solutions

Solana’s DEX Soldex Is All Set to Accelerate the Development of Its DEX Solutions
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We are pretty much aware that the crypto market is proliferating and keeping pace with the market; crypto exchanges are also evolving. Note that the crypto exchanges are the platforms that allow the users to exchange their cash for cryptocurrencies. When we talk of Centralized exchanges, there always comes a concern about their security. In other words, CEXs are often vulnerable to hacks.

Next comes a Decentralized crypto exchange that removes the need for an intermediate to hold the funds. It facilitates P2P trading. DEXs might face issues related to low liquidity and low volumes.

Soldex, being a third-generation crypto exchange, combines the best features of centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges. The platform was created with the aim to solve the problems caused by trustless custody in DEXs and order-matching CEXs. It uses advanced machine learning and neural network algorithms for this purpose. Note that, Soldex is non-custodial just like DEXs, allowing its users to trade in a safe way, and it uses the liquidity supplied by other users.

Soldex can solve the issues found within Ethereum based decentralized exchanges.

Ethereum is the most popular blockchain. But, it always faces criticism when it comes to transaction speed and cost. Here, Soldex is based on Solana Blockchain, which means that it can practically solve the issues related to speed and cost.

Note that Soldex allows its users to exchange tokens at a speed of more than 50,000 transactions per second and with an average cost of nearly 0.00025 per transaction. 

Solana is indeed a new network, but it gives Soldex some technical improvements over other known networks such as lesser block time, lesser transaction fee and high transaction speed. In a nutshell, Soldex can help enable quick and efficient transactions compared to the Ethereum based DEXs.

Soldex is better than the existing DEXs.

It is pretty apparent now that the platform offers safe and secure transactions to its users. Also, it uses advanced algorithms to solve the problems faced by well-known exchanges. Let’s try to explore more of its features that make Soldex much better than other existing exchanges:

  • It ensures efficient liquidity by incentivizing the users to deposit their assets, which helps facilitate instant trades in the pool.
  • SOLX is the governance token of the platform that provide its holders with voting rights.
  • It enables light speed swaps and real-time settlement that facilitates a faster trading experience.

Soldex’s partnership with Speqto technologies will accelerate the development of its DEX solution.

Recently this month, Soldex announced its partnership with Speqto technologies as a supplier. Speqto is known for its expertise in building AI trading robots and DEX.

With the help of Speqto technologies, Soldex is determined to develop APIs and portfolio integrations, web applications, Token Smart Contract and integration staking. In a nutshell, this integration can accelerate the development of the DEX solution on the Soldex platform by creating and programming AI-powered robots.