Solana’s Messaging DApp Jabber Provides Its Users with a Trustless Way to Monetize the Transactions

Solana’s Messaging DApp Jabber Provides Its Users with a Trustless Way to Monetize the Transactions
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Jabber, a peer-to-peer messaging platform built on Solana, will allow its users to send encrypted messages to any address linked to Solana.

Note that the mobile messaging app is available for both Android and iOS users. The signing keys are converted to Curve25519 to encrypt the messages by the Jabber app.

Solana is going to make social media a decentralized platform.

Jabber leveraged the high throughput of Solana Network to put the functionality on-chain. With the launch of Jabber, Solana will give a new use to the social media platform, i.e., it will make it decentralized.

The users will not only be able to send and receive the end to end encrypted messages but can also monetize their accounts for each message with the help of Solana. Note that the app isn't available in the USA and UK due to specific regulations.

The most exciting thing with Jabber is that one can earn by monetizing the messages. With this app, users can set up a price for one message and can easily monetize their DMs. The users who want to message the other users will have to pay the stated price, and hence, Jabber provides a trustless way to monetize the interactions.

Jabber offers cheap and real-time private chats where the messages can cost around 0.0015 SOL for a message stored permanently, and the loss is much less for temporary or disappearing messages. While in the case of group chats, the creator pays for the storage and the sender pays for the computation costs and the old messages are recycled once the storage is full.

About Solana

Solana, blockchain launched in 2020, is often considered competition to the Ethereum blockchain. People even called it the Ethereum killer because it also offers smart contracts. Ethereum is the second-largest crypto and the most commonly used platform for smart contracts and decentralized applications. But, the network's high gas fees and lower transaction speed have made people look for alternatives to the platform. Solana is one such alternative to Ethereum blockchain, which has been growing since its launch.

Solana is the fifth-largest blockchain in terms of market capitalization, and it is still expanding with its partnership in various areas, including the Internet browser Brave. 

Closing thoughts

The idea of integrating blockchain technology with messaging applications seems pretty cool. In the crypto and blockchain sector, the most common channels to communicate are Telegram, Twitter and Reddit. With the launch of Jabber, the crypto community might see more use cases of social media platforms.